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"White chicken" slaughtered in Ukraine
Ukraine annihilated Serbia in Euro 2020 qualification with 5:0. It was very easy win for Ukraine whose players ran inside Serbian defense like through Swiss cheese. Pupet of President of Football Association of Serbia in place of coach ex Partizan and Schalke player Mladen Krstajic probably obey to upstream requests to take out these players. He wanted to play in new style 3-4-1-2 with two attackers with just one defensive midfielder. Of course the best goal keeper from Serbia could not defend goal again. On his place was someone who need to play. Philosophy we will put in squad players who need to find new clubs and then get percents of their transfer returned like boomerang. Scorers for far superior team were Tsygankov 26, 28, Konoplyanka 46, 75, Yaremchuk 59. Serbian national squad nickname is "White eagles" but from time to time like yesterday they transform to "White chicken". "White chicken player Kolarov explained the best what was going on in that porn game in Lviv with sentence "It is so good it is only 5:0". Yes indeed it could be 7 or 8 null. They quickly founded a lot of free space on left side and started to penetrate those ignoramus who played in defense. They didn't bothered to block shots or to mark Ukrainian players. It was open shooting arena for Shevchenko's boys. I liked the fourth goal the most because ball pass thorough legs of one defender, it should count as two right ? :) LoL Pupet of coach Mladen Krstajic said he does not think about resignation and that this is just one slap across the face and good source for learning. I guess this is just beginning of long BDSM adults only sessions that are coming. Maybe he is that type of man who knows. LOL Real coach of this selection president of Football Association of Serbia and ex waiter Slavisa Kokeza did not make public announcement yet. I assume that he is not thinking about resignation too. Big new Madrid boy Luka Jovic did not tell anything too. All big names with big value who play in big clubs like Eintracht, Real Madrid, Ajax etc... and they can not score even one goal for consolation ?! Serbian portals are telling that it is good because next game against Lithuania will be without spectators because players will be under big pressure. I wonder what pressure ? I mean come one they lost 5:0 in Ukraine, there is Portugal in group they can't be second in wildest dreams after this. They might fight with Lithuania and Luxembourg for third place. Second place and Euro 2020 is light years away from these decapitated "White Chicken" squad. Resurrection way is to change diletants who lead Football Association of Serbia, to put honest people on position to break agreements with managers who order who must play. We need people who will stop those manager influence to coach, we need serious real coach of national squad and real president of Football Association. My favorite for leading position in Football Association is ex Red Star and Juventus player Vladimir Jugovic. This is just wish which will never become true because removing so many thiefs and diletants is impossible mission if there is no political wish to do that which I can't see at the moment or in near by future.