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Results Of Quarter Final Of UEFA Champion League
Hello everyone!! Football is one of the most popular sport in the world and it's popularity is increasing day by day due to it's influence. We all enjoy watching this sport and have fun. Football is loved by everyone and football is one of most enjoyable sport all over the world. We all enjoy all the matches of football as it has thrilling and are really interesting. Every player and team gives their best in the matches to win and also they are connected with this sport as they think it as their life too. Football has made many people life better. So let met tell you about some amazing matches with their score. As we know that finally the first leg or aggregate has been finished of UEFA Champion League and all the team did best in their matches and about three i would preview but not about one but i am going to tell you about all the four matches that took place in quarter final in UEFA Champion League.So lets talk about the four matches which was really thrilling and really interesting matches. Manchester City vs Tottenham This match was amazing match which we all really enjoyed watching and it was a beautiful match in which all the players gave their best but only one could be the winner of the match.So the winner of this match was Tottenham which won this match with the score of 1-0 which was really surprising and i really didn't except that the match could turn this way.The goal scorer of this match was Son Heung Min at 78 minute of the match. Manchester had everything but couldn't score any goal. so they lost the match. Liverpool Vs Porto This match was an easy match for the Liverpool as they were really strong team and Porto was just good and little weak team in the comparison between two teams. This match was a great match too and little disappointment match for the Porto fan as they lost. but Porto emerge as a strong team and improvement can been in their match. Liverpool won this match with the score of 2-0 in which Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino scored at 5 ans 26 minute. Porto defence was weak at the starting but it had improve their game after ward.And my prediction went right as Liverpool won the match. Juventus Vs Ajax Juventus Vs Ajax both team were brilliant and both team did all they could. This match was a match to see and enjoy. This match was really an great match in which both teams were equally matched and both team were really strong than each other. I didn't wrote the preview post about this match but it was an great match and i anticipated that Juventus will win this match. This match ended with a draw of score 1-1 in which Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Juventus at 45 minute and David Neres scored for Ajax at 46 minute. So this match was great at the end of first half. It was an great match that was amazing for us to watch. Manchester United Vs Barcelona Manchester United Vs Barcelona was an brilliant match where we saw many ups and down in this match. This match was just great and i really enjoyed watching this match as it thrilling and interesting. Manchester United played well and they were brilliant too but Barcelona was just greater then the Manchester United as they lost the match. As i previewed about this match and it went the way i was thinking. Barcelona won the match with the score of 1-0 and Luke Shaw scored goal at 12 minutes. Manchester United did shot a lot than Barcelona but non of them were in target. so they had to face lost. All the matches were brilliant and took our heart away and the matches were really great and we all enjoyed all the matches as the matches were great and they were really thrilling and interesting matches. So this was the result of leg or aggregate 1. And leg or aggregate 2 is just some times away. So it will be interesting to see who wins the match. Thanks for reading my post. Hoped you liked my post. Be happy and enjoy life.