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Varane Truly Considering Exit From Real Madrid?
There are reports flying around recently of a possible Raphael Varane exit from Real Madrid Football club after nine successful and as well, challenging years at the team. The French central defender arrived at the Spanish Capital in 2011/2012 season and today, at just 25, he had won all there is to win as a player in club level and is reported to be considering seeking newer challenges. Reported by Spanish newspaper Marca, Varane is said to have told his closest friends at the club of his intention to seek challenges at a new club. If seeking newer challenges is the only reason Varane is considering exit is yet to be fully known to us. What This Spells For Real Madrid It is quite understandable that at some point of a player's career, he/she can choose to seek a new challenge at another team if they get fed up of always winning at their current team. But in Raphael's Varane's case, it is a terrible decision. Everyone knows the current situation of Real Madrid at the back. With Jesus Vallejo, the man thought to be the future rock at the back for Spain blighted by injury time and time again and age catching up real quick on captain Sergio Ramos alongside Nacho Hernandez who happened to be an utility defender who sometimes forgets his position for the game, there isn't any pure centre back in the team again aside Raphael Varane. Which automatically means Real Madrid would be left with just Varane if Ramos is routinely suspended and Nacho injured alongside the injury prone nature of Jesus Vallejo. However, Real Madrid are very much aware of their deficiency at the back and sort the services of former Porto defender Militao who will be donning the white shirt next season but that is not enough reason for Varane to consider an exit. A maximum of two years and Ramos' time on the pitch is reduced because he would be 36 by then and that age range for a football player is considered as old and the team he plays for vulnerable if he continues to feature for every 90 minutes. Mind you, I am not disputing the fact that there are players who still perform at a higher level at that age but nobody knows what the future holds for Ramos but one thing is certain, the older he gets, the more rest he deserves. What this means for Raphael Varane and Militao is that they get to command the defence as favorite starters. With both below 25, it is just the starting point of their career at the team. Source To add salt to injury, Varane was one of the most promising central defender of the century. I could still vividly reminisce his blistering space and agility to man mark the great Lionel Messi and restrict the Argentine to a frustrating performance against Real Madrid in a Spanish cup two legged tie. To add more sauce to the awesomeness of that young 16 year old player was that he fearlessly scored two goals against the Almighty Barcelona home and away in the cup tie, prompting Real Madrid to look away from the central back spot for quite a long time as they feel they had iy covered and of course they did until recently. Varane's performances dipped after he was injured and underwent surgery, with the French man returning with poor performances and a shadow of his former self. With Pepe sold already, Varane had no real contender for that spot and he made the starting list whenever he is fit. No doubt Raphael Varane is still a top class defender but sometimes he makes unacceptable mistakes, loses the ball in an unbelievable manner and loses concentration which is unusual. Nevertheless, life would still continue at Real Madrid with or without Varane. If media reports are anything to go buy, few elite defenders has been scouted by Real Madrid to replace Varane. 1) De Ligt of Ajax 2) Koulibaly of Napoli 3) Skriniar of Inter These are great defenders at their respective teams and if anyone is brought into the team, the central back positions are in good hands. THANKS FOR READING..

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