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The Undisputed Champion: Benfica's Women Team
Benfica 300+ vs 0 OpponentsSome days ago, I switched on my radio and the sport journalist made mention of this amazing record (doubtful if any team could set a new one). Even the mighty Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City would find it difficult to set a record like this. The Newly formed Benfica Female team started her campaign in July 2018 and have caused havoc in the Second division Portugese Women League.Both League and other competitions, Benfica team have recorded 300+ goals without conceding a single goal under her Manager, Joao Marques. The Aguilas started the amazing record when they defeated Ponte de Frielas 28-0 back in September 2018.The least goal scored by the Aguilas was 10 in a derby encounter against Sporting Lisbon. Benfica's team encounter against PEGO finished 32-0, where Darlene recorded 10 goals in the match. The highest recorded goal and most resounding dominance ever seen in the country. I remember the last highest defeat I saw was in Men's football Italian Seria C, where Cuneo defeat Pro Piacenza 20-0. I later learnt the team was either banned or suspended.At the Start of the season, Marques quote "One of the objectives is to look any world team directly in the eyes. Benfica want to be a powerhouse at the national and global level in women's football. That's what we're going to work for" and Yes, he achieved that.Image sourced by and Video by YouTubeThanks for Stopping byRead, Comment and UpvotePeaceEasyboi