Soccer / rennes vs arsenal

Arsenal lost at Rennes headquarters
Image Source Arsenal were forced to hold shame in front of the audience at the Renner stadium. After silencing Renner 3-1 in the last 16 of the European league. Unfortunately, it was not just a matter of fatigue, but also a red card received by Sokratis Papastathopoulos who was rewarded with a red card after the second mistake. Playing at home, Arsenal actually opened the team's first spirit, when Alex Lwobi managed to break the goal when the new match lasted four minutes. This means that Arsenal first recorded the score on the board. But after conceding one goal, Rennes made Arsenal increasingly panicked. Until making Sokratis Papastathopoulos, was forced to violate the home team. Until it was awarded a yellow card by the referee in the 34th minute. Until it did not end there. Until the 41st minute Sokratis was rewarded with a second yellow card which meant the referee also issued a red card. Not only did one of their players lose, but also after Sokratis came out, Arsenal conceded straight to the 1-1 draw through a goal scored by Benjamin Bourigeaud. In the second half, Arsenal were increasingly panicked and depressed made by Rennes. Because they are not enough players. Until the panic actually made them have to receive an own goal from Nacho Monreal in the 65th minute. Ismaila Sarr widened the victory for Rennes in the 88th minute. After that there were no more goals. In this first leg, Rennes managed to embarrass the visitors, Arsenal with a landslide score 3-1. This is a big task for Arsenal. If Arsenal want to qualify for the quarter-finals, Arsenal must train hard and play maximum in the second leg later. Moreover, the second leg match will take place at their own headquarters, the Emirates stadium on March 19, 2019.

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