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Results of Manchester City 3-1 Watford - The match keeps the top of the table
Image source The Citizens did not get any trouble to beat Watford in this week's Premier League match. The Citizens won a landslide 3-1 and could perfectly confirm the position of the team in the standings. In the fierce match, Raheem Sterling was a star for Manchester City. The reason, the English player managed to buy 3 goals for citizens to reach 3 points perfectly. Watford himself was made confused by Pep Guardiola's foster children in the match. Although their defense was ousted by Aguero's squad and friends, but they could still break into one goal through Gerard Deulofeu's feet. Since the first round has taken place, the citizen has attacked. Maybe that is the reason must be able to strengthen their position on the board. The first chance was actually controlled by the hosts in the second, but the ball shot from Riyad Mahrez was foiled by Ben Foster. in the eighth minute David Silva also got a good chance for Wardford. But he had not been lucky with the header from his head, moving sideways to the right side of the watford goal. Sergio Aguero who also produced many goals for Manchester City also got a golden opportunity in the 29th minute. But the ball from his header did not produce a goal. at the last minute of the first half Riyad Mahrez also got a second chance. But he also cannot provide goals for the citizen. So that the first half ended 0-0. in the second round the citizen managed to break Watford's goal through a goal by Sterling Sterling. but the goal was controversial even though finally after the referee discussed with the linesman, the referee finally validated the goal. 5 minutes after the first goal occurred Raheem Sterling broke the Watford goal the second time. Yes, you can use a good pass from Riyad Mahrez. At 59 minutes Sterling retained his name on the scoreboard. Hat trick goal was achieved from the ball operand through David Silva. The England player scored 3 goals to ensure 3 perfect points. but in the 66th minute watford Brazil reduced the position through a goal scored by Gerard Deulofeu, he could use a header from Troy Deeney well. although there was a lot of time left but no teacher happened at that minute. until the match ends at the score board is 3-1. The victory was obtained by the Citizens. This victory was a momentum for the Citizens to maintain their position at the top of the standings. In 30 matches he went through in the Premier League. Manchester City have collected 74 points. while Watford is still in eighth position with a total of 43 points.