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Germany - Serbia match review
There is a local term in part of Serbia called Srem when han wants to mate and need rooster. For that situation they say "rakolji se" (I am tryinig to translate that to english but can not get closer than "han actions when rooster is needed with purpose of mating""). Few days ago one such mating han in place of Serbian U21 squad coach Goran Djorovic gave interview saying they want no less than winning this tournament. He said it would be stupid to go to such competition without wish to win it and that we are going to show on field how good we are. How funny it looks now after this 6:1 annihilation by Germany. It looks like long wanted rooster finally came. LoL It was I would say a porn game in which Germany scored half a dozen. Everything started with stupid mistake in dangerous area and one good through ball which connected Marco Richter with goal in 16th minute. He superbly finished action leaving one catfish from Serbian defense captured in own net. What a catfish hahahahah LOL. Soon after in 30. min. new mistake in dangerous area and few quick passes and Luca Waldschmidt scored on empty net. That was beginning of shipwreck. 37. minute same player finished counter attack superbly by shot in far away corner of goal for 3:0. Before that he brake backbone of one Serbian defender who end up going in emptiness to eat some grass after his dribbling. Great dribbling, great shot, great performance. Then came long awaited half time, but if you think that Serbian players are going to play better second half you are wrong! Mahmoud Dahoud scored 4th in 69. minute. He surprised Serbian goalkeeper with shot from 18m. Ball went in above him like through his ears while he bury himself on the ground. Goalkeeper should have save this one. 4th is on him 100%. Fifth came in 80th minute by similar shot, but this time Serbian goalkeeper dived even touched the ball but just to send it in high part of his goal. Scorer Luca Waldtschmidt with left leg. Very good shot very poor defending and very poor goal keeping. And then came unimaginable! One attack of Serbia ended with little contact in the box and referee pointed to the spot. Andrija Zivkovic scored goal for 5:1 sending goalkeeper in wrong side of goal. What to say about shameful celebration that followed after goal and pointing toward sky like he scored winner ? This little ignorant prick who will never become decent player now must think he is no less than new Lionel Messi or Ronaldo. Then we came to the most beautiful goal of the game. Arne Meier scored it in injury time. He shot from around 15 m. in opposite part of goal near place where post and bar connect. Great shot for removing cobweb from goal. Conclusion: I didn't see squad which is making so many mistakes in dangerous parts of field, squad that is defending so poor, so bad organized with so poor goalkeeper. I don't know it's very hard to say who was the worst. Was it goalkeeper or those defenders or brilliant tactic chosen by coach ? That was class of football for immature, self-imagined bunch of far bellow average players from Serbian squad and big shame for new Real Madrid player Luka Jovic. They wanted 1st place on this tournament ?! LOL

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