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Premier League Match Review - Liverpool vs Burnley
Lallana looked like exactly what Liverpool needed recently. Runs into the offensive area, moving defenders around, high intensity. Perfect performance from him. Hope everyone stops slating Lallana now. People seem to forget about the pressing side of his game as he is one of the few players they have that when he gets on the ball he turns and attacks the opposition, not just plays it backward. Amazing match their number 9 and 10 on fire. Mane, Firmino, Lallana they were all top class in last game. That one slight miss from Mane else he'd have gotten a hat trick in last game. Image source Last three minutes were nail-biting .They go again on 14th. They have so much talented and amazing midfielders, they should use and consume them well. Lallana, Wijnaldum, and Fabinho in the mid are just nice. The attacking trio was good. I'm low-key sad because if mane wouldn't miss the goal from 1 meter he would have as many goals as salah and would be well in the race for the golden boot. Would be so nice to see him win that. Just felt for Mo. He should have scored but the way Mane is going he could win the golden boot this season. He’s on 17 goals now - same as Salah. Great result. Good to see Lallana last game. He was fantastic, that's the old Lallana we used to watch before. I hope he can find his form, an important 3 points. If Salah does not score, it doesn't mean he is not playing well! There are still more games to play before the end of the season which means he can still score. Leave the goal scoring and look at his passion, zeal, and commitment in every game. He is still relevant. I think salah did well on all the ball set up except they win and lose as a team, they need to keep focus and win games. The referee is rubbish to award the first goal and gives Alison a yellow but end of the day they got the 3 points they want. They shall not look at man City but their games from now as they throw the control card to them but yet it a great season so far for sure. They can still win it let keep focus and gather the max points. Mane's is rising to the occasion and performing! That world-class. I think Lallana gave them that slight edge in midfield. Just keep building on that, with the fighting attitude to win every ball and Liverpool will do great.