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I have not decided to leave the club.. Gonzalo Higuaín
This is the story of the biggest change in the season. Cristiano Ronaldo has to leave the Juventus squad for Ganjlo Higuainain Now Ronaldo has done an incredible job. Even before the quarter-finals of the World Cup, people have forgotten the World Cup. The Portuguese forward has come to Juventus to leave Real Madrid in 100 million euros, surprisingly everyone. There is a news of another altercation even before Ronaldo, DiBala, Manjukich, Kusta and Higuain would stop Juventus from the rich offensive. Juventus is sending the Higuain to AC Milan club rival club! Two years ago, Juventus played club club 90 million euros. He did not fulfill the expectations of the club. Argentine Forward scored 40 goals in 73 games. But with the help of Higuain (10 goals in 22 matches) did not meet the expectations of Juventus in the continental tournament. That is why Juventus took Ronaldo's assurance Higuain was sent to Milan in the wake of increased paycheck. HuVienne is not angry about Juventus because of the forced release of the club But he also reminded me that he did not want to leave the club, "I still have love for the club. Because they treated me well. Supporters, supporters always love. But I did not want to go. Everyone says they have thrown me out. I knew about the breakdown (with the club) and then they took Ronaldo. I have not decided to leave the club. Why did Juventus leave in Milan? In response to this question, Higuain said Juventus took the decision, "I did the best for Juventus. We won several titles. After the arrival of Cristiano, the club wanted to raise the standard and told me I can not stay here anymore. And they are looking for the best solution. The best solution was to come out, Milan. "The Milan side is in good form. Higuain scored 6 goals for Gattoos in 7 matches.

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