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Will Pochettino join United at the beginning of new season according to Rumors?
Pochettino is not going anywhere because he knows his current worth and that he will soon be a legend at Spurs. He has to ask himself - Will I be a legend for winning a title or 2 at Manchester United. Win all the trophies in the world and 1-2 bad seasons and you are Sacked Lunch. So with this group of young players and the business powers of Levy, they are so close to winning a title.Pochettino has proven that he is opposite of other coaches and he has spoken over and over about how they will get across the finish. Image source Look at what he has done, is doing and ultimately what a brilliant future he has in front of him. Even if he does leave down the road, that's OK. In that case, He is undoubtedly going to leave the club in much better form than what he arrived. They are gaining so much real experience in terms of competing for trophies and versus the best teams in the world. But what concern to Spurs fan is that Pochettino hasn't come out and said I am staying and that would kill off most of the media but the fact he just avoids the question makes you wonder if he is truly thinking about it. Manchester United are a bigger club, second only to Real Madrid. Spurs have been going through this exciting time for 3-4 years. If he goes Spurs fan will be devastated. He is really special to them for what he has created. But Pochettino is a man that's not swayed by money. He knows that Spurs is a long-term Project and he has signed an extension because of that. He is the man of Loyalty and the very fact that these media think that Poch's ambition is to spend cash and win trophies. He is a man that lives by his principles. He demands Loyalty.