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When Pundit Paul Scholes Was Hired and Fired in 45 minutes As Oldham Athletic Coach And Nobody Talked About It
image Football fans around the world will agree with me that pundit are one of the faces of football match. In fact, their analysis and prediction can go along way to influence football betting when they are listened to but the issue I have with most of them is their ability to run analysis and mistakes of coaches in live games without trying to looking at certain factors. This guys makes coaching a football club a lot more easier on the screen When news emerged that League Two side Oldham Athletic was picking interest to hire former England international to fill the vacate position at the club as the head coach, I was very happy for him in that we are beginning to see some former England players as well as sport pundit taken to coach like the likes of Stephen Gerard doing very well in Scottish league and super Frank Lampard as well with Derby United. After much speculation surrounding his taking up the job, Paul Sholes decided to take a shot at football management having stayed with Manchester united for a short period of time under the short reign of Ryan Gigs. The shocker from the whole scenario is that Paul Scholes was shown the exit door immediately he had barely arrived the club according to one news website. Many people might ask what must have prompted this turn of event. Now, does it mean the wrong person was the person that was welcomed to the club. Paul Scholes was ushered in to take a holistic inspection of the club’s training facility as well as stadium. He was led by this tour by Moroccan chairman Abdallal Lemsagam. During the course of inspective these facilities, Paul Scholes was alleged to have called the management ‘’Clown’’ which didn’t go down well with the chairman. In his reaction to his sack in an interview Pau Scholes said he felt disappointed not to be given the opportunity to make his mark at the club. ‘’It’s a shame’’ the England international told soccer correspondent. Paul said he told the chairman that he and his staff was clown and their setups were shit but that he made the statement to see a strong reaction from the chairman but instead got sacked at the spot. The chairman according to the club’s website wished schools well. The 45 minutes he was here, he was a different class and on behalf of the management, I would like to thank Paul and his staff; who were sacked also with him if it wasn’t clear to them, for their tireless effort and professionalism. Our last 15 minute didn’t go like everybody wanted it but Paul raise the standard during his half an hour with us. This is a big shoe to fill now and it’s my responsibility for get another person with Paul’s size and sheet the feet he was quoted as saying. Conclusion This a very disappointing that Paul Scholes wanted a club that was already set where he can start his career as a head coach without putting into consideration that ‘’to start big, big small’’. This was never considered by Paul. May be he was looking at a bigger club like those of Gerrard or a bit at Lampard’s levels but he forgot that Thierry Henry who happened to be one of those coaches who always got it right in front of the TV screen was not able to do anything throughout his short spell at Monaco. Well, talk is easier. That is what Paul and Henry are; better at the studio running their mouth like Jose had said. Thanks for reading