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Should VAR Technology be Applied in Football
Sources This week European football is back. It was horrendous with some of the most prominent controversial decisions by the referee, namely in the match between Juventus versus Sampdoria in this match to the referee making a controversial decision after seeing VAR or a video assistant for Referee, some international media are currently discussing the issue, not least from my own country, Indonesia. The decision made by the referee was very unfavorable for both parties because both felt how cruel the current var system both from Juventus and from the Sampdoria were both victims of var in the match, because of the decision that the Referee took to the match was detrimental to the team. in fact, the decision taken by the referee for Sampdoria's teacher was technically very appropriate, but it was unfortunate about the 2 penalty goals taken for Juventus, I think it was very detrimental to Sampdoria. The Video assistant referee system was first used at the 2017 Confederations Cup in Brazil, but not good results were obtained by many teams who criticized the technology for being considered inhumane and damaging to the image of football itself, for soccer players to be detrimental because of humans still has an error, if there are no mistakes it's not soccer. Although at this time there is a lot of controversy about the Video assistant referee system but over time this system must be applied to football because there are also negative and positive sides to football, every player must be prepared to accept this technology because in the future every international player will be applied, every player early age balls must be taught technology today. even the top European leagues have used it now in both their domestic leagues and the European champions league. The thing that is also very necessary in the VAR is to reduce the tension of the game that had already peaked suddenly stopped by the referee, even giving a card is also one of the obstacles when using var technology, but indeed there are good things before. into the field and give love to players who are truly guilty of violations. This is an article that I can share with you today. Hopefully, we will meet in another article that is more interesting and complete about other sports issues.