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The necessary whistles to Sergio Ramos
Last Saturday at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium he lived a situation that could be quite strange and incomprehensible for the people farthest from Madrid, as well as the monumental whistle that captain Sergio Ramos received from all the merengue stands. During the first minutes of the match, Sergio Ramos was whistled every time the ball went by his feet. There is nothing new in the Santiago Bernabéu, probably the more difficult public to please in the World. We have witnessed how the madridista stand has be whistled a large number of historical as Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo and more recently, Sergio Ramos.In the eyes of the rest of the football world this can be considered an act of ungratefulness; The simple concept of whistling an idol, someone who won everything with the club and who has left everything for the shirt is inconceivable. And yes, on many occasions I agree that the Madridistas sometimes do not know how to value their heroes and that in many occasions those historical whistles were undeserved (especially with Cristiano Ronaldo, of which I am convinced that he is a player that we never deserved as Madridistas) . But the case of Sergio Ramos is particular, because he deserved that the public recriminated him. In fact, I am convinced that the whistle he received on Saturday is the best thing that could happen to him and the team. For nobody is a secret that Sergio Ramos has been one of the players with worse performance in this catastrophic start of the season for Real Madrid. From coverage errors, untimely cuts to failed attempts to leave playing from below at all costs; It seems that everything has gone wrong for Ramos in these months. So from the football point of view, the whistles are understandable since Sergio Ramos is far from his best level. In addition, the public is not happy with the current status of the team and they let their captain know. But until this point someone could say that "it is not Ramos the only one to blame for the bad moment of the team, there are players who are playing even worse than him. It is also unfair to reproach a guy who always appears at important moments, who is the captain and who has always given everything for this shirt". And that is also true, but it opens the way to the real issue: the Bernabéu did not whistle for Ramos because of his poor performance, but for all the questionable things he has been doing on and off the pitch during the last 4 months. . An ego for another. After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the Merengue entity and the non-arrival of any galactic signing, Real Madrid was orphaned by a star, that player who only with his name acquired the prominence that held the Portuguese crack. However, we have seen how Sergio Ramos has risen (or rather, has proclaimed himself) as the star of the team, as that player who stands out above all others. Without Cristiano Ronaldo in the team, there's Ramos. One ego for another, as simple as that. Real Madrid has changed one character for another. It seems that the merengue team could not do without that protagonist role player, not for his game, but for his attitudeSergio Ramos can not be denied that he is an undisputed leader, the captain and figure to die of the team. The problem is that unfortunately has become a player whose desire is to transcend at all costs, as was Cristiano Ronaldo. Whether self-appointed penatys and free kisck shooter or making unnecessary luxury plays to get out back, Ramos always seeks to stand out from the rest. His metamorphosis to become the new white dictator is almost complete. The worst thing is that although all this hurts the team, from the heart of the club nobody says anything. Ramos, why do not you shut up? I think Sergio Ramos' worst mistake is not knowing how to control his language. We know the character of Ramos, he is a guy who always says what he thinks and never limits his opinion. However, this is something that has been taking its toll lately and the team has been resenting it. For example, he has been in charge of starting a personal media war against Cristiano Ronaldo, since the Portuguese left Real Madrid. From public statements, to comments on social networks; It seems that at any moment I would like to let you know that Real Madrid does not need you and that now he is the new benchmark. What is Sergio Ramos's need to be responding to everything and everyone? And if we said that Ramos is the scholar of communication with the press, maybe things were different. But the reality is that the Andalusian always speaks without thinking. This is particularly serious in the case of the captain of an institution as big as Real Madrid. Ramos must remember that he is not only in charge of haranguing his teammates in the dressing room before going out to the game, but of representing them and his club at all times. It seems that he does not understand that at the level he is in, he can not be lending himself to be the talk of all the controversial programs because of his statements. The truth is that Sergio Ramos has been accumulating a series of mishaps and situations outside the courts that leave much to say about the captain of Real Madrid. As for example his incomprehensible and misplaced reaction against his partner Sergio Reguilón, after a situation occurred in a training where Ramos insults him and tries to hit him two ball shoots ... without a doubt a great captain. And what to say about his blind support for Julen Lopetegui, raising his face for him before the board and delaying his inevitable dismissal weeks before the Classic. And how to forget his unfortunate statements after the game at Camp Nou where he practically sent a clear threat to Antonio Conte and buried any possibility that Real Madrid could hire him and thus have a great coach that could surely reverse the team's situation. All these things were added and subtracting points to the Andalusian. And the board may not do anything about it due to the status of Sergio Ramos in the club; but for the fans none of this went unnoticed. They are tired of the attitudes of their captain and they let him know with that monumental whistle he received from the Bernabéu and, as we have seen, he has more than deserved. More than a show of disapproval, it was more of a wake-up call to his captain and therefore to the whole team. The good thing is that Sergio Ramos accepted the criticism of the fans, he did not question the beeps he received. That is a good sign that things can start to move in the right direction. And although it is true that the team does not depend on a single player, Ramos can and should contribute his important grain of sand so that Real Madrid can resume and conquer the objectives set for this season, before it is too late.