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What is happening at Chelsea?
When I saw the premier league fixture for the festive period, I was so happy that my team will use this period to push themselves up the EPL log. Chelsea had one of the easiest futures during the festive and New Year more than any other top four teams and it was reported that Chelsea will get all maximum points from their fixtures on paper, but so far. Chelsea has won fewer matches than ay other team above them. They could have used lost points against these lower team to close up the gab at the top of the table. If Chelsea had gotten maximum point against these teams they would have been a better position to think less of the top four as they are in position with Arsenal and Manchester Unite in hot pursuit and this not a good omen for the London club. With the way thing are doing in Chelsea right now, things doesn’t seem right at the moment. Does it mean that the team are lacking morale or the none-performance of the strikers is really hindering the sarriball philosophy? I have avoid all medium to criticized absolutely Maruizio Sarri efficiency with the English football culture considering his CV in terms of trophies won as he is absolutely lacking in that department but resent developments in term of winning matches has raise some concern among the fan base as well as myself to put up little post about how I feel. Eden hazard is not a physical player that can combat defenders to score goals. So, Maruizio Sarri reliance of Hazard for the goals with little from other forward in Pedro and Williams, there is probability that Chelsea will struggle to make the big four this season. The January transfer window is open there is no seriousness shown by the head coach or the scouting chief to solve the challenge facing the team striking department. I writing this post to call on Maruizio to nip the bug in the head as soon as possible any less of top four will be a very disastrous venture in premier league that will cause the hammer to land on his job as usual at Chelsea.