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Serie A | Chievo 0 - 2 Sassuolo
Chievo Verona acts as host when faced with Sassuolo in Italy Serie A week advanced to 11th week (04/11). The action takes place in the stadium of Bentegodi Marcantonio ended with a score of 2-0 for the victory of Sassuolo. One of the goals that was created on this match rated silly at once suspicious. Sassuolo managed to scored the first goal through Federico In Fracesco in 42 minutes. While the second goal scored by the end of the match through an own goal the former Sunderland midfielder, Emanuele Giaccherini. The attacker mainstay Sassuolo, Domenico Berardi, became an actor from the creation of the unique own goal. The time of the child's Gian Piero Ventura is being attacked vociferously in the final minute of the match. Berardi who already face one on one with Chievo goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino, Spurn, releasing a hard. Yet Spurn the detained. Strange choice done by Giaccherini who stood near the goal. Rather than throw the ball out of Defense area, he chose to return to the goalie who was still lying on the ground. It turns out that Sorrentino not ready to catch the ball. As the ball rolled into goal and became the goal of the cover on the action. Upon defeat he suffered, Chievo worse at the bottom of the standings In Serie a. 11 action was done, Chievo at all hasn't gotten the victory and only picked up two draw. This also makes the 0-2 defeat Chievo into the Club with the most conceded in the Serie A with 28 goals. Bad luck seems to be being familiar with Chievo. Early in the season, they are exposed to punishment of the Italy Football Federation (FIGC) in the form of a reduction of three points and must pay a fine of 200 thousand eruo. "Tribunale Federale Nazionale (TFN) led by Cesare Mastrocola has decided will accede to demands from prosecutors. The penalty itself be penalized three points deduction for Chievo in the season and a fine of 200 thousand euros, "so the official release of Disciplinary Committee of FIGC some time ago. The penalty was dropped due to the proven financial manipulation Chievo in the transfer of players. But the true sentence is much lighter than the demands of prosecutors, who want to Chievo was sentenced to a reduction of 15 points. Chievo falsified profit of 25 million euros over a transaction with their players Cessena. Chievo owner Luca Campdelli always instructed to make false financial reports to be Chievo look healthy and can be pocketed permission following Serie a. the Gaffe, because a Cessena wafted into bankruptcy. More painful for Chievo because they haven't been able to fix the reduction of points they get early in the season. Chievo currently comfortable in the bottom of the Serie A standings with points minus one. Linked to seven points of Frosinone Empoli and located two ladders on it. If Chievo relegated, it will be the first for them after promotion to Serie A at the end of the season 2007/08. Because even though it's not a top-tier performance squad Chievo in Italy soccer is actually quite stable. They have always managed to avoid relegation by finishing on the bottom or the middle.