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Pressure is High to Cancel Italian Super Cup in Saudi Due To Khashoggi Murder
Italian Super Cup to be played in Saudi Arabia. Source: Calcio Mercato The Italian Super Cup match between Juventus and AC Milan in Saudi Arabia is under pressure to be canceled. Many parties opposed Saudi Arabia as the host of the match following the case of the death of a Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. In June, Lega Calcio agreed to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to play the Italian Super Cup match in Riyadh. Both parties agreed on a contract worth around 6.7 million euros, the two clubs will receive 3 million each and Lega Calcio will receive 700,000 euros. The match is planned to be held at King Fahd Stadium, Riyadh on Sunday, January 13, 2019. However, the Serie A manager wants to reschedule the match following the killing of Khashoggi. Everybody now talking about the case since the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman is allegedly involved in the murder case. Khashoggi was a senior journalist who often criticize Government of Saudi Arabia, which is now under control of the Crown Prince. Not only through his articles, the former Editor in Chief of the Al Arab News Channel also often opposed the Crown Prince policies through social media. However, as of the beginning of October Khashoggi was declared missing. According to witnesses, Khashoggi was last seen visiting the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, to arrange his marriage. After several denials, the Government of Saudi Arabia finally admitted that Khashoggi was killed at their consulate by 15 people linked to Saudi Crown Prince. This case has led to several sporting events planned to be held in Saudi Arabia are in danger of being canceled. In addition to the Italian Super Cup match, the tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic is also under pressure to be canceled. The head of the UK Amnesty International Division, Alan Hogarth, is one of those who opposed the 2019 Italian Super Cup match to be held in Saudi Arabia. He assumed that the match would be a place for the Government of Saudi Arabia to clean its name. Former Italian Sports Minister Luca Lotti also spoke about Juve and Milan match in Riyadh. He said that the match must be held outside Saudi Arabia. "As a member of parliament, as a former Minister of Sports and as an Italian citizen, I appealed to the Lega Calcio to reconsider the decision to play Juve and Milan match in Saudi Arabia," he said as quoted by Calciomercato. Previously, the Italian Super Cup match had been held in the United States, China and Qatar, besides of course in Italy. Lega Calcio, Juventus and AC Milan have not commented on this matter yet. But I believe the match will still be held as planned. Because it's hard to refuse 6.7 million euros, isn't it?

Watch the peak match of the first round of the Saudi Professional League, now the Saudi professional league among the top 10 League in the world
Al-Shabab club will meet Al-Ittihad at 6:55 pm on Friday in the first round of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Cup, which kicked off on Thursday. The fans hope to see an exciting match in the names of the two teams. Argentine coach Ramon Diaz is looking for his first win with the FA after losing the Super Cup against Al Hilal in the opening season and then drawing Al Wasl in the opening of the Arab League. Diaz is counting on Karim Al Ahmadi who scored two goals in the first Two matches with the dean, as well as center-back Villanueva and double-strikers Alexandr Bezic and Romario, but he will miss the backers (Mansour Al Harbi and Hassan Moaz) for not being prepared for the match. In contrast, the home team aspires to a perfect start under Romanian coach Somodica Playing his first official game with the lions. Al-Shabab prepared for the start of the season with a series of friendly matches in which they had a good level. They did not lose any of the five friendly games they played this summer (won 3-2 draw). Coach Samodica promised the youth fans "surprises will stun everyone" during the pre-match press conference Samudica has confirmed that he is confident in his players' ability and that he is capable of returning youth to the podiums. He will meet tonight at Prince Faisal bin Fahad Stadium in Malaz and will be run by Slovenian referee Damir Scomina. no to mention that the Saudi league was ranked 29th in the world, ahead of many European and American leagues and the second Asian, a slight difference from the top-ranked K-League, where the Saudi league scored 526 points and the Korean on 528.5 points. According to the plans set by the Saudi Sports Federation and the Saudi Football Federation, the Saudi professional league will be among the top 10 football competitions in the world.