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HE WON Savor that feeling of victory ... listen to the sweet words of praise, scrutinize the satisfied and festive looks of your fans, or the bowed heads and the eyes shining with fear of Simeon and his band This is football In the week in which Real Madrid leaves the Champions League, when Zidane was hastily called to remedy a failed season ... At the moment when all the Atletico was ready to celebrate the passage of the turn and he aimed straight at the final in his stadium ... In the week when all the Italian media criticized the Juventus company and its most important player ... Here comes the perfect game, for 90 minutes there was only one team, absolute domination of the game rectangle, total ball possession, speed play, aggressive players in defense and pressing across the board, final result 3-0 and quarters of final. I am a great fan of juventus, yesterday I enjoyed, I remembered why I love this sport so much, I enjoyed the emotions it gave me, I felt the adrenaline growing inside me, I exulted with anger and vigor, at the end of game was exhausted but very happy. Naturally I strongly believed in this comeback and I leave you a testimony As for Ronaldo's unedifying gesture, there would be so much to say! CR7 has lived a thousand games in the match, all of Spain wanted its failure, all of Madrid, most of Italy and the world, everyone was waiting for its collapse, and the collapse of Juve who had the courage to take it! From the scandal of the alleged rape to the criticism to the championship ... we are men made of flesh, heart and blood ... instinctive as animals, it is in our nature to err human east. Seneca