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RC Strasbourg, what else ?
After few weeks in holiday spent skying with really good weather, I came back from the mountain to see League Cup in France taking place in Lille. As a Strasbourg fan for many many years now here is how I enjoyed this moment ! First of all we arrived in Lille with 4 friends, after a quite long road trip of 9 hours. All the Racing fans add a meeting in the main place in LIlle to start a walk through the city to the stadium. Nothing less than the biggest walk to a stadium in France, new record ! And what a fire it was in Lille during this walk ! Arrived at the stadium the difference between the 2 city in term of fans and noise was huge, showing again how incredible the Strasbourg public is wonderful. We went into the stadium and waited for the match to start. And what a catastrophic match we lived. No construction from both side, a catastrophic field, technically so poor, both team being clearly submerged by the importance of the game. From awful passes to awful shots, I saw maybe the worst match in my life, reaching extra time and penalties at the end. And here comes our Messi : Dimitri Lienard. He qualified us for the french Ligue 1 last year against Lyon in the last minute of the game with a free-kick coming directly from space, and made us win the cup this year with this wonderful panenka, coming this time directly from ... no less than Zinedine Zidane, Lienard's model as he said it right after the game. A wonderful end for a wonderful week-end and a wonderful club. One title more for our RCS !