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Who Am I? Guess the Common Footballer Within-contest closed winner @akarsufaruk
In line with the brainteaser quiz started by @talesfrmthescrypt the other day I want to keep the train alive by putting out another round of the quiz and like he earlier said anyone is free to do same, so let’s keep the ball rolling. In case you missed the first quiz follow the link to read on it “Who Am I? Guess the Footballer-Contest closed winner @Kolumbus”. I was excited about winning the contest yesterday which had a reward of 20SCR, after many guesses from other scorum members I took my time to get my answers and fast. So this is another opportunity to put your brain to test and snatch up the winning prize, unlike my superior who started this quiz with winning prize of 20scr, I will be giving out 50% of my winning prize meaning that the winner here will get 10SCR. The players above are: Wesley Sneijder, Xherdan Shaqiri, Andrés Iniesta, Owen Lee Hargreaves, jens lehmann, Nemanja Vidić Noteworthy the player has been a team mate with all of those guys , major leagues and international football level where considered when choosing the common player to create all fairness between participants in getting the right answer. Also whatever tool you use in getting the answer is not of interest, what we are after is the right answer so feel free to exploit any you can. After about 5 hours of posting this and no right answer have been given the prize drops to 7scr while I give out a clue to the answer, then again it drops to 5scr and I give out another clue and finally to 3scr and if no winner we continue with fresh faces tomorrow. Only one guess per person and no editing of answers, if your first guess is wrong you can make another after the first clue is released. Let the quiz begin. GOOD LUCK. Wesley Sneijder-Galatasary Xherdan Shaqiri-inter milan Andrés Iniesta-vissel kobe Owen Lee Hargreaves-bayern Munich jens lehmann-germany Nemanja Vidić-inter milan