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Who wins the premier league this season?: A critical analysis of the chances of the big six.
The premier league started officially started last week and the first round of thirty eight rounds of games, even though it is too early to judge the teams, but with the summer signings, strengths and weakness and first week performance we are going to analyse the top teams’ chances of winning the premier league. Chelsea fc Chelsea fc are not in a stable condition with the replacement of their head coach Antiono conte with Maurizio sari, the signing of new players and the introduction of a new style of football which will take the players time to get themselves accustomed to. Chelsea fc are in a transition it will take time for them to start playing well again, so their chances of winning the premier league is slim. Tottenham fc Tottenham fc are a young and side energetic side with a young coach in Mauricio Pochettino. Tottenham are a side desperate for trophies with them boasting of the best squad in their recent history. They have the potential of winning trophies, but are hindered due to lack of experience and consistency. Tottenham has always been is the picture for the premier league, I don’t see that changing but not more than that. Manchester United fc Manchester united due to their history will in the last two decades and the huge investments in the squad with expensive signings in recent years for instance the signing of Paul Pogba for then record fee €105. They boast of a large squad and an experienced manager. Manchester united have to hurdle a number of challenges including the other top six teams and their own inconsistencies if they are to win the premier league this season, which they have not done since the end of Sir Alex Ferguson. Arsenal fc Arsenal fc achieved a lot of success in the early years Arsener wenger reign as the arsenal manager winning three premier league trophies along the way, but the end of his reign was not a pleasant one as he finished outside the top four and without a trophy. Arsenal fc are in a transitional period after twenty years Arsene wenger, they have a new coach with lots of promises and a new system which will take time for the players to adapt to, therefore like Chelsea they have a slim chance or we are in for an upset. Liverpool fc Since October 2015 when Jurgen Nobert Klopp took over Liverpool, they have a new fresh air around them. He has a brought a new style of football to Liverpool, which is high press, high intensity style of football. Liverpool will have to be more consistent especially against the smaller teams if they want to win the premier league and they must learn how to win finals if they want to win any other trophy after losing three finals to Sevilla in the Europa league and carline cup to Manchester city in 2016 and most recently the Champions league to Real Madrid. Manchester city Pep Guardiola did not have things easy in his first year as man city’s coach. He spent big last season and won the league by a landslide he has continued this season with the signings of the likes of Riyan Mahrez this season and are in the forefront to win the premier league, except something huge happens this season, well you never cane tell.

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