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*** Lemar bursts the slates ***
The Frenchman gives the victory to Atletico in Getafe and signs his first big afternoon as a rojiblanco with a cannon shot that entered after hitting Soria's back and a goal against From what has been seen now, the 70 million euros that Atlético has used in Thomas Lemarthey are more oriented to effectiveness than excess shine. His sizing as footballer of Simeone, walks more towards the concrete, than to the expansive. The same route that Griezmann already had to walk. First the collective and then the individual details. If they are winners, as they were in Getafe, the better. A left-footed shot from 30 meters that bounced on the back of David Soria after swinging with violence the crossbar and a counter that led and culminated gave him the three points that this Athletic needed so much. Simeone's team already plays on the edge of the razor's edge in their league aspirations for their irregular start. He can not afford many more missteps if he intends to fight the championship at Barça and Madrid. The two goals achieved gave Lemar his first great afternoon as a rojiblanco star. A match to begin to justify its price and lighten the backpack of being the most expensive player in mattress history. He still does not handle certain codes of his coach, such as those dribbling attempts in his own field that generated problems for his team, but he seems to have assimilated others. With the ball is worse player the closer the band remains. Lemar already knows that when he goes to the center to take on the game inside he must return quickly when the attack ends. But his pair of goals were the evident proof that in the central corridors is his market value and his essence as a baseball player. His class broke the excess of prevailing tacticism. The duel had many predictable moments from the profiles of Bordalás and Simeone . Two coaches who prefer the prudence of extreme defensive order to control the game and try to assault the score. Football breaks and rips plagued by tics slates. The time it takes to get porters out of doors, for example. The kicking of David Soria and Oblak did not occur until each pawn occupied his position on the board. Movements worked to exhaustion on a day-to-day basis. You know, chess and chance of the second play. Conservative shortcut The team that usually wins the rebound, catches the other unarmed. If the winner is the one who attacks, two or three touches can be planted in the area. If the one that takes the ball is the one that defends, it can find free clues to leave arrowed to the against. The conservative shortcut of not generating the defensive dismantling of the opponent with more complex ball circulations. Another way to play and win. Or of losing, in the case of Getafe. When Lemar made the 0-1 to the quarter of hour, the Athletic one took refuge in his fold and in the counterattack. In that way, Simeone, Rodrigo, who dresses the team pretty on the start of the ball with that guardian imageof the pivot located between the centrals, Rodrigo is less. In the classic mold of his coach, he has the ball less than he would like. If his teammates skipped it because the belief is different, Djené and Arambarri the Getafe players tried to ignore them by the logic of their abilities to operate at the heart of the game. The past behind Atlético served to measure Giménezm and Lucas. The assault had a throne for the couple that points more to the present than to the future because time also happens for them: they already have the number of hours of sufficient flight and physically they are superior to Godín and Savic. They were waiting for Jorge Molina and Angel, two old dogs that are in that point of wisdom in which they do not do anything if it is not to try to hurt. An uncheck, an anticipation, a prolongation of the head, a shot or the handling of the elbows in the jumps. Two resentful miura that when they undressed one of the two were found with the correction and the help of the other. As the Atletico was in his most recognizable pose, Simeone was left with Rodrigo and he preferred to put Thomas, more in line with what the team demanded. match. That only broke when Lemar led a counter from right to left, leaned on Koke, and this enabled him with a good filtered pass to sit David Soria before marking and finish by bursting the slates. In the middle, of course.

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