Soccer / scorumbounty

Scorum is a platform that fairly reward users with SCR for blogging about sports. It's the first Blockchain powered sports media platform. Scorum has succeeded on a lot of things, some of which are outlined below: PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Before now, notification used to be seen only when a user is online, but just check it out today, your browser now notifies you of the latest activity in your blog. You now receive notification of who follows, Upvoted, commented, etc., on your post. WORTH OF UPVOTE On scorum, it is good contents that speak for themselves. Once any user posts a quality article, such article receives reasonable amount of upvote from the community members. Worthy of note is that, even with a little SP, one’s upvote makes meaning, compared to that of steemit. UPVOTING YOUR COMMENT On steemit, users abuse the platform so much by upvoting their comments hugely, most of them don’t even make posts to contribute to the platform, but here on scorum, such isn’t allowed. NO BOT FOLLOW AND SPAMMING Scorum has been design such that BOTs don’t get into it to follow users, as well as spam their posts. Here on scorum, one’s followers are real people. ATTENTIVE, INTERACTIVE AND VISIONARY ADMIN TEAM The admin team of scorum is not only attentive, interactive, but visionary; they know what the users want and effect such in the platform. Before now, SCR was only exchanged via openledger, but today, scorum users can in their convenience send ethereum to their scorum wallet and convert it to SCR, and can equally convert their SCR to ethereum and transfer same to their blockchain, luno, Coinbase or any wallet of their choices. LANDING PAGE it is often said that if one is not informed, he is deformed. Today the intending users now have a landing page to learn a lot about the platform from. It’s not good to join a place or a platform that one is not well informed about, thus, scorum admin thought it wise to create the page for a first class info about the platform for new users. LOTS MORE Various activities of scorum are now being translated into Turkish and other languages. There are different domains for different languages and so on, as shown below Indeed scorum is a successful project. Let’s join hands to make scorum a better place. Say no to system abuse, no to plagiarism, no to bots. Long Live Scorum! Thanks for your time.