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Beijing Renhe Stats vs. Dalian Yifang Stats # Preview and Prediction
source Beijing Renhe Stats In China Super League, Beijing Renhe Stats is currently standing at 15th position on the point table with 11 points. This is a not good position for a good team. In the last six matches, Beijing Renhe Stats has scored only six goals and won only two matches and lost all four matches. This team has scored an average of 1.00 goals per matches. The result of the last six matches was very bad for this team. The team played 17 matches throughout the season and has scored only 15 goals. And the biggest thing is that after playing 15 matches, they were able to win only 04 matches and drawn 03 times and lost 10 times. Beijing Renhe Stats has scored an average of 0.88 goals per matches. Overall the performance of this team has not been so good throughout the season. Dalian Yifang Stats Dalian Yifang Stats ranks are 11th position in point table of China Super League with 14 points. Their position is not so good in the point table but ahead of Beijing Renhe Stats. This team played 16 matches in the whole season and has scored 19 goals. From which Dalian Yifang Stats won 05 times, drawn 05 times and lost 06 times and they have scored an average of 1.19 goals per fixtures. Their performance is not so good but better than Beijing Renhe Stats. The lasts 06 matches, Dalian Yifang Stats has scored 08 goals, won 03 times, drawn 01 times and lost 02 times. After seeing their whole season record, their performance has improved slightly. Head to Head The teams Beijing Renhe and Dalian Yifang played so far 12 matches. Out of these 12 matches, Beijing Renhe won 06 matches and Dalian Yifang won 03 matches and 03 matches ended in a draw. On average head to head matches, both teams scored 2.67 goals per Match, which was not so bad. Beijing Renhe in whole season average scored only 0.88 goals per match and Dalian Yifang average scored 1.19 goals per match in the overall season of 2019. My Prediction- After looking at the overall analysis, Dalian Yifang Stats played well throughout the season and Beijing Renhe Stats is a little worse then Dalian Yifang Stats. If we see the Dalian Yifang Stats's record, this team played not so well in the whole season but the last six matches their performance has improved slightly. Another hand Beijing Renhe Stats also did not play well in the entire season but in the last six matches, their performance got worse. But the surprise is that as per their head to head record, Beijing Renhe Stats played very well against Dalian Yifang Stats. Out of these 12 matches, Beijing Renhe won 06 matches and Dalian Yifang won 03 matches. While Beijing Renhe did not play well throughout the season, but their performance was good against Dalian Yifang Stats. Whatever happens today, I will go in favor of Dalian Yifang Stats and I hope Dalian Yifang Stats will win the match with a good score 2-0. You can put your opinion/feedback about these team in the comment box, please. Thanks for reading my blog.....Regards.....