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Chelsea One-Year Contract Policy For Players Above 30 And It's Folly
Cesc played his last game for chelsea against nottingham forest on their fa cup win, his substitution brought standing ovation and loud applause from the crowd who knew this was going to be his last game for the club. Under sarry he has seen his playing time reduced considerably, of course it is not something to be proud of and yet he has not gone on throwing tantrums, he is a true professional who wait to be called upon and serve. Source He Is also a good influence to the younger players and so it was that even though he had seen his penalty saved earlier,the Chelsea supporters knew his class, his addition to the team, his passes and all the memories they shared, as they waved their goodbyes, they knew they will miss this diminutive Spaniard and all he brought. Yet, it was not just about a lack of playing time that have pushed cesc out of the door, it was also about chelsea's contract policy.... A policy that frowns, that will not ever budge to give a player above 30 more than a year contract and he is already 31. His destination is monaco, a chance to link up with his former teammates now turned coach with a contract of 2 and half years,anyone will like to jump on the chance to go to a club that values you above your age and gives you job security. Chelsea's handing over only 1 year contract extension to players above their 30's as opposed to multiple years contracts that some clamour for needs to be revisited as it is not doing the club any favours. in this day and age with all the right equipment some players above their thirties are looking really sharp and fit,more better off than some younger ones than we would think should be leading the fitness race. Nemanja matic was still in his prime when chelsea sold him to manchester united, supporters went haywire for two reasons, why sell a player who is so good at his job and to a direct rival for that matter? Some could not wrap their heads around it, but the thing is maticwas 29 going to 30, he wanted a longer contract extension,which runs counter to the chelsea policy that ultimately led to selling him when manchester united came calling. He's younger replacement Bakayoko, was a regular source of frustration to the chelsea supporters. David luiz is 31 years old at the moment, with 5 months left in his contract, negotiation are stalling as he wants a longer contract and the club due to its one-year contract policy for above thirties won't change their stand. Source While he may not be every attackers nightmare and every teams ideal defender, he's a good player, he is skilled, his pass accuracy,both long and short is as good as they come, he is a leader in the dressing room, someone that can rally the troops, he loves the club. A standard team is usually a healthy mixture of old guards and the new,older ones who understands how to win, who have been tested in heated situations, games, and come out victorious, who can help the lads to be calm in some obviously jittery situations. This is something the juventus side knows, it is no wonder they gave a 33 years old player a four(4) years contract in Ronaldo. Chelsea champions league winning side had a 34 years old, drogba, as the man of the show, he gave them the trophy. Looking at other clubs and how they manage these situations should help Chelsea be a little more flexible in their approach.However for the club, it will seem the police is set in stone and they don't intend shifting grounds.