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Should A Player Move From One Club To Another To Prove His Greatness?
Source Playing in different terrains or playing one's football career in a particular club has always been a long debate between Ronaldo and Messi. While some argue that playing in different terrains shows a player's confidence in one's ability while some actually believe it doesn't. A lot of people consider Ronaldo as a better player than Messi simply because he has proven himself in different terrains unlike Messi who has played his whole career at Barcelona yet refuses to ;eave there. Source In fact, I've heard people saying that Messi knows he's going to flop if he dare moves to other leagues and that's why he has refused to push to try other leagues due to fear of the unknown. Left for me, I don't really think a player has to move from one club to another to prove himself as a world best, after all, winning awards or being crowned as the king of football is not measured by how a player moves from one clubs to another. That Ronaldo moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid and then to Juventus does not mean Messi will do the same. You can remain in a club and achieve whatever you want to achieve rather than move around. Source You can be in Liverpool or Manchester City and achieve whatever you want to achieve and even retire there rather than moving around and that's what we can see in Messi's case. Look at a player like Ibrahimovic, he's known to be moving from one club to another yet he has not achieved something tangible in his career but that works for Ronaldo. What works for A might not work for B, so the idea of Messi moving to other leagues to prove his greatness is irrelevant in my own opinion Now let me here your opinions in the comment section Do you really think a player has to move around leagues to prove his greatness?