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Top 5 football team with most fans all around the world
source 5. BAYERN MUNICH This club has its own fan as their home crowd. The home ground stadium averages 71000 spectators in every match. Bayern Munich had not great players in the team but they had a good team which can able to win the match from any situation. Thomas Muller is playing for Bayern Munich team and also he plays for Germany as a national team in FIFA world cup. The home ground stadium of Bayern Munich had around 80000 sits available for Bayern Munich fans as well as for spectators. source 4.Napoli The Stadio San Paolo stadium had renewed last year so it can collect more sit for the audience as well as for their fans. Due to international matches, they are playing and having a high winning percentage with help of this their reputation also increase and so fans follower of Napoli also increases. The stadium consists of 60000 audience arrangement to sit and watch live matches of their support team. Insigne and Marek are the players who have good followers which that they became a follower of the team also. source 3. Manchester United It ranks third in the fan follower list of the international football team. In the premier league, the Manchester United ground is well known for Its loudness because the stadium is so much pack and the cheers of the audience make the stadium roar. Paul Pogba the midfielder of Manchester United helped the team to win various international tournament and champions league. Old Trafford is the stadium where Manchester United is believing their home ground and so they are having great fans. source 2.Liverpool They are having a second largest fan follower from the world and also the YNMA anthem sung in international matches in the premier league. One crore followers are there for the Liverpool team. Apart from this, they have a great team with a great name on the list. They have won champions league in 2005 and so they had a huge rise in followers list. Gomez and salah are the two key players for the Liverpool team which can help to have a second largest follower. source 1.Dortmund Dortmund has the highest fan follower all over the world than any other team. Dortmund is the well-known team in all the champions league they played and in almost all the league they qualify for the quarter-final. In the UEFA champions league final they qualify for final and so there was so much craze to buy a ticket to watch a match of their favourite club. Around 80000 spectators are always available to watch the match. With the increase in reputation, the fan followers of the team also increase. with this, they are now having the highest fan follower. Thank you, everyone, for visiting my blog and giving me your valuable time. I really love to see your comment in the comment section about the match. Regards