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Red Star and Partisan, are they really communist clubs?
Serbian football fans often hear insult that Partisan and Red Star are Tito’s twins, when fans of smaller Serbian clubs want to trigger two biggest Serbian fan groups. For those of you that don’t know Tito was bloody communist dictator that killed Serbs even after nazis get their ass kicked form Balkan. Lets find how true this is. Names and logos Obviously both clubs in their names have terms and symbols that are essential and common in communist terminology, but there is one thing that we must all know, to give a name and symbol that are not have connections with communism in postwar Yugoslavia is basically open call for big tall man in black leather coats and those guys first break your bones then start to question your loyalty to the "brotherhood and unity". Founders Red Star is founded by students and active players. Partisan is founded by army. Josip Broz Tito main activities after and during the war were wearing fancy clothes, killing of people and sexual intercourses with girls that were members of Partisan movement. I am not sure that in breaks of this noble activities he even think about football or sport. Fans Fans of the Red Star were common citizens of Belgrade, the same that before the war were supporters of old Serbian clubs, like BSK and Jugoslavija, witch are abolished by communists and their players were first one that are going to play Red Star Belgrade. Almost all nationalist that were escaped from country because of Tito regime are in fact supporters of Red Star Belgrade. Fans of the Partisans were in the beginning members of army, high ranked officers and generals but today that is not like that at all, there are no rules, maybe the biggest core are kids and grandkids of those big army generals. Today both of core fan groups are in fact anti communists and strong nationalists. In conclusion If we say that everything what is start under communist regime was in fact Tito's creation then yes, those two clubs are indeed his twins. But today they are not, they are simple clubs from Belgrade like any other else with fans that in 90 percent are strong nationalist orientation. We can change their names, symbols but we cannot hide history or ignore that they become Serbian brands under those names. Some older Red Star fans frequently like to say: "Under communist regime Serbian patriots couldn't go to church, couldn't celebrate their heroes from great war, the only safe thing that they can do in order to show that they are still Serbs is that they supporting Red Star Belgrade". Some say that the Tito red tyrant was successful in dividing Serbian people in two large supporter groups. The only thing that is sure he was not successful in keeping his cult of personality with help of football. Football is only a game, game were tradition means reputation. Because of that i am not sure that changing of club names is smart thing to do.