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La Liga Real Madrid v Sevilla Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
The Spanish league commonly known as just La Liga is no doubt a league which comes with a lot of passion and intrigue. This could be said to be due to the fact that every team is struggling to ensure that they come out in a position which they would like. One such team which would be unhappy with their position would be Real Madrid. They would hope to change that when they meet table rivals, Sevilla. Source Real Madrid is a team under fire at the moment. Since the sale of Ronaldo and the leaving of Zidane, Madrid has been a shadow of themselves. The European champions have failed to have an impact in their league this season and find themselves off the pace going into this match. Real Madrid is currently 4th on that table this season. They have accumulated 33 points in the matches placed so far. A loss here today would see Alves overtake Madrid and leapfrog them into 4th. This would see them drop out of the champions league places. There is no doubt that Real Madrid would be hoping to avoid the shame that comes with that possibility by winning this match. Source Devil’s would be quite happy with their achievements this season. They are currently on course to secure a champions league position and would hope they can win this match. Sevilla currently sits 3rd in the league with a total of 33 points. The points accumulated by both teams make this match even more interesting. A win here would see either party interchange with each other or one modifying their position above the other. It is really a game of who wants it more going into the game. Source The form most times have an effect on how a game is going to turn out. This would not be any different when dealing with this match. Most teams are in pretty decent form as you would expect. Real Madrid has won four matches out of their six games. Then other matches have ended in a draw and a loss. This would be good news for Real Madrid who would be hoping to turn their good form into an excellent one. They are already far back in the title race and a loss here today could mean the end of their title race. Sevilla on the other hand, have won three games out of the last six in the league. Their remaining fixtures have ended in two losses and a solitary draw. They would no doubt be focused on ensuring that they do not undo all the fine work that they have achieved in the league so far. Real Madrid would be hoping to use their home advantage to their benefit and power themselves to visit against a Sevilla side which cannot just go down while Sevilla would be hoping that Real Madrid’s troubles this season comes back to haunt them again. Whatever the result at the end of the day, this match promises to be an engaging affair. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!

Sevilla Vs Espanyol Preview