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Source This has been something I dreamt of doing but the word procrastination was a hindrance to me. Thanks to @dexpartacus who just made that dream a reality through this contest. However, I would have loved to pick up some players during the 90's but on a second thought, this is a team I would love to coach, I would love to play with, I would love to share my everything with. So I wondered, since I was a toddler then, there could be no way I'll play with them, so I decided to choose from our modern/current players. I can't really lay a finger on when I started watching football but my first UCL game was the 2005 finals between AC Milan & Liverpool. Though I had no thorough understanding of what's going on but I can vividly remember Xabi Alonso's penalty and Steven Gerald too. I wasn't even interested in the game but shouts from our neighbor made me pick interest. what could be the reason for the shouting? I wondered. well, let's save the details for another day. Source Back To Business (My Starting XI) Formation : 4-1-4-1 GOALKEEPER David De Gea(Spain) - One thing about De Gea, he is unpredictable. His leg saves and one-on-one confident catch knows no bound. He's a classic man. DEFENDERS Trent Alexander Arnold - He is a beautiful defender that I've watched for some time now. The defender with too much sauce to his strength, agility, endurance and flanking for attacks. David Olatukunbo Alaba - The 26 years Austria defender is one of a kind who never flustered in possession. He's capable of carrying the ball down the touchline but also combines well with teammates in tight spaces. Virgil Van Dijk - When you want to climb a mounting covered with hot lava, try this dude. He possesses the skill of playing confident football and his aerial prowess marks good thoughts about him. No doubt, he is the best in the world right now. my opinion. Raphaël Xavier Varane - He's another defender with the confidence, tactic, positioning. His brain is always oily with so many options on how to get the ball away from his territory. Though he can be rusty at times but I'll still pick him. MID-FIELDERS N'golo Kante - The world cup winner can be very impressive when it comes to strength and endurance. He plays best as a defensive midfielder. His tackling ability would make you have a second thought when you plan to leave him out of a game. He is Quick, tenacious and intelligent, He's so much more than a sitting midfielder who patrols a small area of the field. His forward bursts should become even more prominent under Maurizio Sarri, and the Frenchman is set to prove he has several more strings to his bow than were previously assumed. Kelvin De Bruyne - This guy may not be the best player in the world but when it comes to having the game under control, he's the man for the job. He is Creative, powerful, skilful and dynamic. He can as well pass, shoot, dribble, tackle and cross. Phillipe Coutinho - This is a player I've watched play as an attacking midfielder and a winger. I prefer him play from the center than than cutting in from the flanks. FORWARDS Eden Hazard - As a Manchester united fan, I regretted why we didn't sign Hazard. Another player with too much sauce. He does what he's needed to do. He can single handedly change a negative game to the positive side. His dribbling skills, creative abilities and decisive playmaking is extraordinary. Kylian Mbappe - This young Frenchman moves like a lightning flash. In a blink of an eye, he's here. In another blink, he's over there. I respect his fast pace and dribbling style too. Defenders hardly brings down this man because of his agility and excessive stamina. who wouldn't love to have him on his team. STRIKER HARRY KANE - The Tottenham striker has bought himself space in my team with his marvelous striking force. His positioning rates high, his finishes, brilliant. Though he lacks the speed and dribbling ability, that's why he has Mbappe and Hazard. You won't want to gibe Kane a breathing space if you want to enjoy the game. He is the deadliest striker in town. SUBSTITUTES Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo Gianluigi Donnarumma Sergio busquet Marcos Rojo Vinicius Junior Paul Pogba Head Coach - Sir Alex Ferguson 1st Asst - Diego Simeone 2nd Asst - Ernesto Valverde Club Owner - Stanleyasokingz Selecting a team from thousands of player looks confusing but we've got to make our picks. Would love to see you rate them in the comment below. Thanks For Reading...

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