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It's not (more) a Soccer for Argentinian coaches?
A different kind of football, that we have enjoyed for years, but today does not always have the possibility to express itself outside the borders. Ok, we lived years in the past where the Argentine style of coaching was considered futuristic, perhaps for charm, perhaps for fashion, perhaps because Soccer was more homogeneous. For example, the times of Carlos Bianchi and Hector Cuper in Italy, which regardless of how evolved their situations and careers, presented themselves as emblazoned names. As well as Bielsa, and its revolutionary school of Soccer, exported and reworked in the years, until today. Today. Harder times, for those coming from South America, for those who are training or have trained in Argentina and hope in a future in Europe. The clear and more recent example is that of Guillermo Barros Schelotto. From the possibility of writing the history of Boca Juniors and crowning a career (aiming to win the Copa Libertadores against the River, in the final of Santiago Bernabeu) to the expatriation in MLS: something did not work, certainly. Something went wrong, no doubt about this. Schelotto is totally paying faults and errors made in Madrid, "El Melli" (who tried to land in Italy in 2016, called from Maurizio Zamparini as head coach of Palermo, but without being able to officially train even a minute for a UEFA coaching license ever achieved) flew to USA. Good luck. Schelotto in the States, Jorge Sampaoli, in Brazil. Totally to forget his World Cup experience on the bench of the Selección, and so far the times of the fantastic U de Chile and his style of Soccer that made him famous in the world. Thanks to the results achieved during that period (2010-2012) he had the possibility to train Chile, Sevilla, Argentina. Before the world cup, a call from Italy: 2016, Lotito, Lazio, the Serie A. But no deal, due to the excessive economic demands of the Argentine coach. Today, a restart in Santos a wonderful city in São Paulo, training Santos F. C., which anyway is not properly the last team in the world. The 2019 of Sampaoli will be in Brazil. An Argentinian, in Brazil. And if anyone remembers the rivalry between those two countries, give an eye to those parts, to see what will happen. Or, just remember the experience of the "Paton" Bauza, champion of Copa Libertadores with San Lorenzo in 2014, head coach of San Paolo in 2015, but that was a difficult year for "O Tricolor". In 2016, the Argentine Selecciòn, and the controversies for the exclusions of Icardi from the squad and the convocation, in its place, of Lucas Pratto; well, after all, the Oso shown all his talent, winning the Libertadores 2019 as a protagonist. Maybe Bauza was right. Maybe not. And Gerardo, "El Tata", Martino? The first successes as a coach in Paraguay with Libertad and Cerro Porteño at the beginning of the millennium, seemed to build a career made of great successes, for him. Good the experience on the bench of the Paraguayan national team at the end of 2006, good the Final 2013 tournament won with Newell's, too. Then Barcelona in 2013, ​​the winning of the Spanish Super Cup, but from there ... something went wrong. The experience at Selecciòn in 2014 could be totally explained in the two Copa America (2015 and the Centenario's one in 2016) lost both on penalties, in the Final, against Chile. Before to sign with the Mexico National Team, he went to train in MLS and has won the title with Atlanta, in 2018. Finally ... El Pibe. How could we ignore it? The highest peak, the 2010 World Cup with Argentina. Did not go so well, as everyone can remember. Then, the experiences in UAE (soccer & dollars, baby), eventually the return to South America, but to Mexico. In the Second Division, training the Dorados. At the end of 2018, Maradona lost the Final match, for the promotion. It's the life, Dieguito. Just take it with philosophy.