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For ten straight seasons, Ronaldo and Messi ruled the world of football. They keep getting the FIFA best player and Ballon d’or awards while leaving the third position for other players. Whoever wins the FIFA best player always wins the Ballon d’or. That’s why both of them has five each to their names. Everything changed this season; the just concluded FIFA award ceremony revealed Luka Modric as the best player in the world. That conviction about the FIFA best player winning the ballon d’or isn’t so sure again. There are other players that have performed brilliantly. Many players were nominated but I’ll be mentioning the top nominees; seven players that are likely to win. They are in no particular order. LUKA MODRIC This Croatian just won the FIFA best player of the year, being on this list is no mystery. Modric was a big part of Real Madrid last season and still is. After being a great contribution in the team that won the champions league, he also captained his country to the world cup finals. France destroyed their dream of winning but the midfielder was still the best player in the tournament. Well, world cup performances wouldn’t be looked into for this award. He has a very big chance of winning the ballon d’or again. EDEN HAZARD This is the first time the Belgian will come close to winning the award. And this time around, he really deserves it too. Hazard was nominated in the PFA awards of EPL last season, although he didn’t win but it shows how brilliantly he had performed. He was next to Mohammed Salah. His incredible skills and strength in the world cup tournament was superb too. Nevertheless, Hazard is currently the hottest player, he has seven league goals to his name already. This Belgian might win this! LIONEL MESSI He finished last season as the top scorer in all competitions. He won the league and Copa Del Rey with his teammates. How many players had a better season? Messi has always proved to be the best every season and he did it again last season. Currently, the Argentine is still very much in form; the top scorer in the league and champions league. Him winning this might not surprise us. KYLAN MBAPPE He’s the youngest man on the list. Even at his age, Mbappe has proved to be very outstanding. He has won the young best player in every tournaments/competitions he played and he’s looking forward to winning the best player awards. Mbappe also added trophies to his name. The French clubs haven’t really gotten PSG down and Mbappe is doing a whole lot in the team. CRISTIANO RONALDO The probability of him winning it is also very high. He won the champions league and was the best player in the competition. Ballon d’or really considers champions league and league performance and Ronaldo did extremely well. He was the man of the moment then. The Portuguese moved to Juventus where he’s doing well. We never can tell, another great player might win it. He isn’t the only that deserves the award. MOHAMMED SALAH The best player in EPL last season wouldn’t be neglected, would he? Salah won the PFA awards last season and became the top scorer. No African has ever done this and he made them proud by stepping out. He’s currently the third FIFA best player of the year and won the best goal of the season. Liverpool were so blessed to have him. Winning the ballon d’or would seal his achievements and make the year a blessed one. If he wins, there shouldn’t be a doubt. ANTOINE GRIEZMAN Greizman had once competed with Ronaldo and Messi for this award and didn’t win. Probably because he failed to win trophies that season. The French guy has always been outstanding every season. He’s Atletico Madrid all time goal scorer and he won the Europa league with them. That’s one of the biggest competition in Europe. He’s always been in the list of nominees and this time he’s so close to winning it. Short list of the nominees will be relayed to the public on October 30th and the award will be held in France on December 3rd of this month. Who is likely to win the award? Let me know in the comment section. Until next time.