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Tottenham lost to City in EPL game
Tottenham has lost new Premier League game against City with result 1:0. City was favorite in this game. Question was did they get over with memories from recent Champions League encounter. Manager of the Spurs Poch said that he need 'fresh legs' for this new game. Poch and Pep picked up these squads: Tottenham idea was clear. Tactic was strict 5-3-2 with attempting counter attacks with Son and Lucas in front. Gazzaniga changed injnured Ugo LLoris, Foyth was on right side instead of Trippier, Davies on the left instead of Rouse, while trio of Sanchez,Alderweireld and Vertongen made central defence. Dier,Ali,Eriksen in midfield and Son and Lucas forward. I was satisfied with this squad, my big concern here was Sanchez player who is very prone to mistakes. City entered the field with idea to grab the ball and dominate and to make chances from domination in possession of the ball. Everone who follow EPL know that the most dangerous player of Manchester City and the best goal scorer and person who need strict markation is Kun Aguero. Spurs paid big attention to him in Champions League games. It is also well known fact that Spurs players are in average taller than City players for head. Last thing I expected to see in this game was Aguero alone and unmarked on 5 meters receiving high on head ball there playing ping pong header with Foden who also jumped all alone almost literaly in the net to score header for 1:0 in 5th minute. Well that was exactly what happen here. Here on picture you see Aldererweield, Sanchez and Vertongen in Spurs last line far away from City players Aguero and Foden. Aguero even show with his hand where he wants the ball and Vertongen is looking at him. As the most danger player of City everyone could have reason to believe that this ball is going to him and he is alone with Spurs players on like 5 m of him. In the moment of receiving the ball he is also alone as ghost. Vertongen is to late, Sanchez is looking at him as well as goalkeeper Gazzaniga. What bothers me the most is that Fodden guy is also alone on far post. Alderweireld is not marking him but stands far behind lad while Sanchez is nowhere in the middle not marking anyone and completly useless. In next stage of this ping ping Aguero who could score easily from his position choosed to pass long ball toward Foden who jumped in almost in the goal and scored from close range. What a poor defending that was! Later on press conference Poch said that he is disappointed on the way Spurs concede goal. Well the most of fans were too. Three tall as tree solitaires in defense to let such ping pong header goal from not to tall City players was really disappointing. Game was far from over and Spurs assembled like in Champions League game. After one mistake in City defence Lucas took the ball and passed to Son who had great opportunity to score from angle but he shoot straight to City goal keeper just boosting his confidence. Soon after Eriksen was running alone to the goal, he was pulled back by arm from City defender, but as gentleman player who fall only when he has brought down strongly he continued toward goal and shoots but Ederson saved it with his leg and sent the ball in corner. It could easily be 1:2 like in Champions league game, but this was not Son's night. As you can see on this picture Erisken was pulled by hand from behind, but he wanted to finish the chance not to fall and ask Oliver for penalty and red card for city player. This was decision for respect. Soon Son had third very good chance but was unable to score. It was not his night definitely. In second half City had 2 big chances. First in 48.min Aguero got the ball alone in the box this time it was low ball, but Spurs defenders were again to far away from him, but he didn't score. Sterling had his chance in 72. minute but Gazzaniga saved it superbly with his leg and some luck. There was penalty claim for City when Alderweirled played with hand in the Spurs penalty area. Spurs had even stronger penalty claim after handball of one of CIty defenders. Referee Oliver did not point to the spot. I am not sure he would do the same if he had VAR assistance. In one comment here I wrote about other non sport game played here and deliberately injuring of players where City lead 3:0 (Kane,Delle,Sissoko). I wished to Guardiola similar because I feel injury of H.Kane was deliberate on coach demand attempt to end his carrier. Well this time Spurs made something like "consolation goal" with hurting one of key players of City De Bryne ruling him out until end of season. In football analysis here I can agree with Poch that Foyth played very good and practically eliminated Sterling from his side. He was confortable with the ball and looked like with a lot of confidence. Gazzaniga saved the net few times showing that he is good substitute for Ugo Lloris. I can also agree that Spurs made enough chances and that they deserved more of this game, but football is like that not always justified. Sometimes it does not give you what you deserve. In my opinion real result of this game was something like 2:2. City dominated possession of the ball, but in terms of shoots and chances teams were equal. As Poch says we need to forget this soon because Tuesday and new game will come to soon, then Saturday and then Ajax. Battle for one of first 4 places on the table will be hard in the rest of season. United still have strong games to play, Arsenal will probably win all until the end, Chelsea will have chance to lose points because of hard shedule. Spurs has no right to slipp any point until the end if they want Champions League next season. Well unless they don't count on conquering it this year which is hard to believe against Barcelona or Liverpool even if they pass through Ajax without Kane and Son. Reason for concern is that Spurs managed to win just 7 points in games against top 6 clubs in England this season. Wins against United away, Chelsea at home and hard taken point at home against Arsenal are only points they made in those clashes. Two losses against City, two losses against Liverpool, easy loss against Arsenal and Chelsea away and misfortune one against United at home is weak balance. Despite of that Champions League place dream is not dead yet.