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Top 10 Liverpool Songs That Rocked the Kop
Liverpool Football Club is best known musically for You'll Never Walk Alone. Although it's a song I cherish greatly, the back catalogue is stacked with songs and chants that have the ability to get Anfield rocking at a moments notice. There's nothing quite like being under the Anfield lights on an evening game in the Champions League when these classics are being belted out by tens of thousands of Reds. I thought it would be fun to list my top 10 Liverpool songs. If you're a Liverpool supporter you may have heard some of these bouncing around the terraces or through your TV speakers. If not, you might find some of them pretty catchy even if you're not a Red. Some of them are relatively new and can be heard most match days at the moment, while others are kept under lock and key for the special occasions when the crowd is really up for it. I'll add the lyrics and YouTube recordings so you can sing along at home if you so wish. This list is in no particular order. Source #1. Egyptian King Definitely one of the crowd favourites at the moment following Salah's amazing first season in a Red shirt. Both catchy and straight to the point, it's one of the most well-known songs in the Anfield songbook and that will be the case up until the point that Salah leaves. #2. Luis Garcia Song Luis Garcia is one of the most popular players to have pulled on the Red shirt in recent times. This song gets stuck in my head on an almost daily basis but never fails to put a smile on my face when we're singing it at Anfield. It's usually saved for times when we're all feeling really happy about how the team is doing. #3. Rafa La Bamba Rafa Benitez cemented his place in Liverpool folklore when he took the club to European glory in 2005. This is one of my favourite songs because it honours Rafa while also paying homage to some other crowd favourites at the same time. #4. The Fields of Anfield Road A classic Liverpool song that can be heard on the terraces multiple times every week. Some Liverpool legends got together to record a professional version of the song for the 96 Liverpool supporters who lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster. An extra verse was added for this reason. #5. Allez Allez Allez Another recent song that was belted out around Europe and at Anfield last season following our great run in the Champions League. This one gets everyone on their feet and the players have been recorded singing and whistling this tune on several occasions. #6. Torres Bounce This love story ended badly but there was a period in time when Torres was adored by Liverpool supporters around the world. This song always got the Kop bouncing and was sang on a weekly basis until Torres departed the club in unsavoury terms. #7. Suarez Song Like Torres, Suarez was adored by those who support the mighty Reds, and this song is another that I'll still find myself singing at home even though he left the club a fairly long time ago. #8. Steven Gerrard My favourite player of all time, and a song that never fails to get the crowd riled up. Recently, opposition supporters have tried to adopt this song to mock Gerrard after his slip against Chelsea that saw a surge for the title come to an end. However, this is always drowned out by a rawkus rendition of the original song by Liverpool supporters. #9. Best Midfield in the World Another song that pays homage to some great players we've had in the squad over the years. Looking back, this midfield really should have won more at Liverpool. #10. A Liverbird Upon My Chest A traditional Liverpool song that is about the club and not players for a change. This one fills me with great pride and I'll often find myself whistling the tune at home. I had a lot of fun putting this list together and there are so many more I could add. Perhaps I'll save them for another post in the future. If you're a Liverpool supporter, I'd love to hear what your favourite Liverpool songs are in the comment section below. Do you prefer passionate songs about the club, players, and staff, or are you more fond of songs that mock opposition teams and players? I do wonder what it must feel like to create a song for your club that is picked up on the terraces and then sang at full volume around the world by millions of people. Salah's song, for example, was featured on almost every Liverpool related section of TV shows last season. I'd also love to know what it's like to be a player and here your supporters singing your name while you're on the pitch. It gives me goosebumps just being in the crowd, but it must make you feel like you could run through walls when you're out there on the field. At the opposite end of that spectrum, it must also be a bit difficult to stand out there and hear opposition songs sing horrible things about you. It definitely has an effect on players because you can see some of them wilt in front of your eyes as they realise the negative attention is on them. Raheem Sterling is one of the most recent obvious candidates for this when he returns to Anfield.

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