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South Korean Team Improvement
Hello everyone!! How are you doing? Hope you doing great and enjoying your life. I am writting about South Korea because in overall team they were the most improve team then before in my point of view. As we know South Korea team were really team when they came in the football. South Korea team has been improving a lot as we know they have been qualified for FIFA world cup 2018. Their performance was just brilliant if we compare them by their others one.South Korea has shown how strong and that they can also win this FIFA World Cup. In 2018 FIFA World Cup they defeated Germany the champion of FIFA world CUP 2014 by 2-0. It is big improvement and it is really great too. South Korea has brilliant team who have really great players.South Korea has also defeated Costa Rica who was also amazing team in FIFA World Cup 2018 by 2-0.South Korea has done brilliant job in few games too. One of best players of South Korea is Jo Hyeon Woo who is a Goal keeper of South Korea. He is my favourite player of South Korea as he plays really well.As in FIFA World Cup he made his team won the matches as he has done saves that i haven't see in a while. He was really great i think all the team were surprised to his amazing Goal Keeper.He saved many shots on target which where really brilliant shots and it would have been goal if there would be another goal keeper. So now let me tell you about yesterday match between the South Korea and Uruguay which was a brilliant match and interesting one too as they were both amazing team and had brilliant player but at the last the team i loved won. South korea won the match by 2-1.So, you can know by score how good match it was.Ad at the first half there was no goal in the match. But at the second half the first was by South Korea in 66 minute by Hwang Ui jo and after 8 minute Mastias Vecino scored a goal for Uruguay and the match was at equal. But at the 79 minute South Korea player Jung Hoo Hung scoref a goal and won the match. So it was really nice match.But both team had some mistake.The thing about South Korea in yesterday match was there was no foul by them in full match. I am really happy that Asian country like South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arab in the field of cricket. And hope they keep one improving and someday can win the FIFA World Cup. Thanks for reading my post. Hope you like it. Be happy and enjoy life.