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Premier League Match Review - Southampton vs Spurs
I think Spurs will be struggling for the top 4 now. The season has pretty much capitulated in 4 or 5 weeks. What a bad second half performance by Spurs. How does rose let that ball go right through his legs? Very frustrating for fans. I really don’t understand Poch sometimes. They are down and they bring on Davies. And Lucas was arguably their best player. And they bring him off not dele. Spurs have got 1 point from 4 games they are not going to get top 4 this way. Their defense is a shambles. They're asking to not be in the top 4 at this rate. Always have to ruin a good performance with a bad one the game after. Don’t really know what to think about them at the moment. They need to bounce back but next is Liverpool so that’ll probably be another defeat. When was the last time Eriksen was subbed off? It just doesn't happen no matter how bad he plays. Rose has been appalling for 2 years now. Dier contributes nothing. They are so fragile at the back, as soon as teams put them under pressure you know a goal is coming. They go 1-0 up and just stop playing. No other top 6 team's struggle so much against so-called weaker teams. They will be lucky to finish top4 if they make this season. They have to kill the game. Image source Not sure what Lucas has done to Poch! Always the guy to make way, he puts 100% in every game. They have to turn this around very quickly as they still have to play City and Liverpool away. Arrogance is the reason they lost. No team should think they have 3 points if you score 1 goal in the 20th min. Kane should’ve been subbed off if you don’t score you get subbed. Plain and simple. Spurs played their best this season when we didn’t rely on him for anything. Someone needs to get on their cases about how crucial it is to stay top 4. I don’t think that's clicked with them. Alli looked way off the pace. They got 1 way to play from the back, teams press them and they are clueless because they got no plan b which is down to the management team, Dier is not good enough, neither is Sissoko even though he has had a good season. Well done to the saints they wanted the win so bad. Spurs were not consistent enough to run away with the win. The players lost that game! The defense wasn’t good enough and Rose being left exposed with no one telling him he had a saints player behind him Spurs had not taken their chances and we paid the price.