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UEFA Euro Qualifiers Spain v Norway Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
We are deep into the qualifier's stage for the various competitions. One of such competitions would surely be the European Championship qualifiers. It is crucial to have a good start to the qualifiers and this is what would be on the minds of many teams when their matches kick-offs. One team which would particularly be thrust into the spotlight would no doubt be Spain. The world would be expecting them to get one over their opponents. However, they would surely have to be wary over their resurgent opponents Norway. When they come face to face with them, they would have to find a way to get ahead of them. Source Spain Spain is a team which suffered many calamities recently. From the eve of the world cup when they sacked their coach, Spain has never been the same. They have been deep into consistency and it was no wonder that they crashed out of the world cup. However, they have a chance to redeem themselves in the European championship which is coming up soon. However, before getting there, they would need to get past the qualifiers. To do this, they would need to start getting the best results possible. The first obstacle which they have to face would be Norway. They would be looking to get the best possible results. Norway Norway is the team that is on fire. They would be happy with the way that they have handled their nations league and would surely be delighted with the way that things have gone so far. However, in the UEFA nations league, they would need to show how good they are when it comes with the qualifiers. They would have to get past a tough opponent in Spain. They would need to set up all the barricades to make sure that they get something out of the match. SOURCE Form Another factor which has to be considered would be the form of both teams. Spain has an impressive form of late. They have managed to win four of their last six games. However, losses to Croatia and England in recent times would have put a dent in their confidence. However, Norway has had a slightly better form. Norway has managed to win four of their last six games. The remaining matches have ended in a draw and a loss. The only loss which they have suffered came in the nation's league when they fell to Bulgaria. They would have to put up a much better performance if they are to get a foothold against Spain. They would be hoping that the recent fragility which has been shown by Spain in recent matches would come to the fore when the match kicks off. Source Spain would be hoping that the match would end up in their favor as they seek to get a good start to their qualifiers. No matter how the match ends, the one thing that is certain would be the fact that both teams would go at it with all seriousness. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!