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Build-Up To Copa Del Rey El Clasico: Will Madrid Eliminate Barcelona?
Source The clouds have started gathering again as two eternal rivals warm up to go against each other in a two legged copa del Rey semifinal match. It's that moment when the world stands still to revel the beautiful nature of the game, you won't see a better football atmosphere elsewhere. The fact that I can't wait to see these two historical enemies eliminate each other makes me appreciate the game even more. The Suspense is high, everywhere is heated up and what the hell are we talking about here? Few days ago Barcelona had staged a quarter final come back against a stubborn Sevilla side that had two goals advantage from their first leg encounter, thanks to the wonders of Lionel Messi who was absent during Barcelona's first leg defeat. What this means is that the Spanish champions have progressed to the semifinals of the copa del Rey competition. The European Champions Real Madrid also kept their hopes of winning a silverware this season high by qualifying as well to the semifinals of the same competition as well. However, their qualifications isn't really the reason for the frenzy and myriad reactions by fans. The rationale behind the rather heated tempo ahead of the semifinals is the fact that the two eternal enemies were paired against each other. Did you hear me well? I mean, Barcelona will be playing their arch rivals Real Madrid in The Copa Del Rey semifinals! Hahaha... Was that crazy. When some say that the best of football is played in Spain, it has always been between The Los Blancos and the Catalan Giants. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's not the kind of fight anyone will wanna risk being caught in the crossfire, especially as a football bettor. However, it's that moment when you also put your money where your mouth is and get ready for any shit that comes out of it. Their last few games have seen both teams put an awesome display, with Madrid appearing to have found themselves back on track, making the whole prediction process a bit more tough. The copa del Rey semifinals draw was made on Friday. These two teams shares lots of hurts and glory over each other. Barcelona may not have forgiven Real Madrid for beating them at the Copa del Rey finals of 2011 and 2014, both took place at Mestalla. Los Blancos also eliminated the Spanish champions in 2012-2013 season during their semifinal clash. The Catalan giants have moved on since then and have gone through twenty-three knockout ties of the competition without defeat. In fact, Barcelona have won the last four editions of the cup and are now gunning for the fifth one, what a dominance! Do they really think Madrid are gonna let them do that. Madrid have lock horns with Barcelona 34 times in Cops del Rey, Barcelona have won 15 times, Madrid have recorded 12 wins and they have settled for seven draws. It's not a convincing football statistics for one to rely on and put his money, cup ties always come with their own surprises. I will advise you to explore your options well before pitching your tent on either team. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Real Madrid Ready For These Clashes? Santiago Solari knows he has got some tough hurdles ahead of him if he must record a silverware this season. The last time Madrid encountered Barcelona, they were brutalized 5-1 by the Catalans, and funny enough Messi didn't even play in that game. This time around, the Argentine is not suffering any injury and hopefully he will be fit for all the El Clasico clashes against Madrid. It was their last loss to Barcelona the got Los Blancos former boss Julen Lopetegui fired. The first leg of the copa clash will be taking place on the 6th of this month, and Madrid will be moving into that game with full confidence. But before then, they will need to defeat Alaves this Sunday to sustain their momentum of four victorious run so far. It hasn't been easy for the European Champions, but the light is beginning to shine on their part again. Their recent fine form have also seen them climb a bit higher in the League, now on third position. The Spanish league may seem a bit impossible for the European champions to pursue, but their dream of getting a silverware this season is still on, especially with their fine form in the cup giving them momentum. The copa title have eluded Madrid for five years now after winning it in 2014. However, another opportunity stares them in the face, but they is an old time enemy they must eliminate to get there. Do you think Madrid can survive the war?