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La Liga: Prediction for the Getafe vs Barcelona match
La Liga standings leader Barcelona will visit Getafe headquarters on week 18 of La Liga. Maybe Getafe will be a troublesome opponent, but Barcelona has the ability to pass the match easily. They have players who can trouble the home defense. However, Barcelona remain alert to the threat of Getafe. Because for the last five games they always managed to score a victory. Even two league matches without conceding, at Espanyol 3-0 and Real Sociedad 1-0. Getafe has two leading attackers who can damage Barcelona's defense at any time, if they are careless. He is Angel Rodriguez and Jorge Molina. In La Liga this season Angel Rodriguez has contributed four goals and one assist to Getafe. While Molina has contributed five goals and one assist. But Barcelona, ​​will settle this fight with high optimism. They will try hard to maintain an advantage over Atletico Madrid, if possible, they want to widen the difference in points from them. Messi and friends certainly believe that. Of the last four games in La Liga, Barcelona can always win without conceding. Of course in the new year, the troops fostered by Ernesto Valverde must continue to collect victories if they do not want to be displaced from the top of the standings. Line attack Barcelona, ​​there are three players that Ernesto Valverde will rely on, he is Luiz Suarez, Lionel Messi, and Ousmane Dembele. They can damage the host goal at any time. Among the three, of course Lionel Messi is very worried about the host. In 22 meetings with Getafe, Lionel Messi has scored 18 goals for Barcelona. Getafe should not be careless about controlling Messi. Head to Head Getafe vs Barcelona In the last five meetings of the two teams, Barcelona recorded 4 wins and only one match held to a draw. Even in 2015 and 2016 at home matches, Barcelona beat Getafe with a landslide score 0-6 and 6-0. But the annual meeting cannot be a reference for predicting the score of this match. While in the last five matches Getafe recorded three wins, and two draws. Winning when meeting Espanyol 3-0, the match met Back 5-1 and when they met Real Sociedad 1-0. While a draw when meeting Leganes 1-1 and against Girano 1-1. While in five matches, Barcelona's last match, defeated four wins and was only once held in a draw. Winning against Leonesa 4-1, won when they met to Espanyol headquarters 0-4, won from Levante 0-5 and won when they visited the headquarters of Celta 0-2. While a draw only when meeting Tottenham 1-1 in the Champions League. Based on the last performance of the two teams, Barcelona looked superior to this match. In the last five games, Barcelona have scored two goals on average. While Getafe only managed to collect 13 points from 18 matches. My prediction for the Getafe 0- 2 Barcelona match. What do you think?