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When And How Did You Start Loving That Sport?
Image The Childhood Experience I really enjoyed my childhood experience as l grew up among different types of kids mainly at school. Coming home was coming to live a lone life because dad must not see you outside when you should be inside if you are not doing anything, just sleep. He was a disciplinarian and was always afraid of us being influenced negatively by other kids in the neighborhood even though there were all from good homes and earn decent income. Those days, some grown up in our mist exposed us to lot of games especially when our parent left us with the house girl for business of the day. Football was the first sport l could remember coming across especially international matches was itv2as being discussed. TV were not many in the neighbourhood then. Is either you see the big guys we called brother playing it in our school during the evening hours or we heard them shouting in a neighbours places during matches. Soccer, l cant recall how and when l saw it first but am very sure I grow up not seeing as a new event like other sport like Cricket which l first watched on TV in 2008, Rugby 2008, Dart, Chess etc and surprisingly they are of tens of them l haven’t heard of I believe. Though most of these sport emanated from peoples traditions, most of them have undergone many modifications of rules and system of play, number of players to what we have today. Chess Though the debate still ranges if it’s a sport or not, Chess is my best board game and l started got to know about it officially by seeing the mate and pieces in real life 5 years ago as l was about finishing the University. Being highly a game of the brain, mind and aims to bring out the best of our thinking ability and handling of situation on board which can be translated to our day to day activities and decision making, l fell in love with the game. I got registered in the school club, bought books about the greatest moves and secrets of Chess legends like Casparove in particular and some other online books l got from friend in some social media groups from Philippine. I dedicated my time to studying game until l became competitive. Fast forward to 2 years after, l started going for competitions within the southern part of Nigeria. The biggest even was hosted by former Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state where l witnessed top players across the world gun for the prize. L really learnt a lot and had fun while it lasted and since then, l have been developing not too fast with online Apps. With the low level of the awareness of the game here and busy Schedule, l play just for fun in few hotels around that have Chess mate and have made few friends as well. Soccer Aside Chess, football is another sport l really enjoyed playing when l was at my pick until l got a dislocation that limited by play to some few Saturday morning or Sunday evening in a nearby Methodist Church field in the estate. I talk football when am in the mood or listen to others debate on different subject matters from history to current events. In Nigeria most football lovers has an European club him support with a hand full being neutral or supporting the local league. Chelsea has been my favourite of all Europeans Clubs due to their high patronage of black players back in the days l picked interest in league football. Arsenal FC would have been my club due to the much talked about Kanu Nwankwo of Arsenal who happened to come from the same locality but Chelsea happened to the first premier league team l watched on TV at my mid eighteens. Luckily they won that game against Newcastle and my love for the club grew. Thanks for reading. Your comment is welcome.