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Kane is out until March, Poch and Levi on the move
Tottenham lost game vs Manchester United, but got even bigger blow as one of the best finishers in the World these days, main star of club, Hary Kane got injured. He has got ankle injury which will rule him out until March. Injury came in the worst moment when other attacker Son is going to UAE under flag of South Korea national squad. Lucas Moura was not in squad for United game so 3 main strikers of the Spurs are all out! Only one who has left is Lorente who is no match for Premier League! This emergency situation will put Poch to torment. What will he do for next games ? Next games are: Fulham, Chelsea (League Cup semi final) , Crystal Palace (FA cup) , Watford, Newcastle etc... With problems with new stadium and shortage of money it is hard to believe that owner Levi will want to buy someone in attack on winter transfer market. He will probably let down Poch and force him to use present squad. Way as I see this situation only solution would be to push Delle Ali and Lamela (Moura if fit) to attack, put Eriksen to center midfield position as playmaker with Sisoko in center . Rose and Trippier left and right in midfield and Winks as defence midfilder. Back would be line of 3 man like Alderweireld, Vertongen and Foyt. It would be 3-5-2 formation. I think that Delle Ali and Lamela could do serious damage at least to those clubs like Fulham, Newcastle, Palace. Once when Son come back it will be easier to make squad. Poch need to be illusionist-wizard to get out of these games without any damage. I am most afraid of semi final in League Cup vs Chelsea as they are excellent squad and it woud be hard game even with all Spurs players available. What do you think, what would you do if you are Poch and in this situation ?