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Prepare for Messi-D.Sanchez duel
We all know who is Messi. Some people will argue if he is the best of all times, if he is better than Ronaldo or not, some(like me) about if he is coach of clubs he play for, but there is no one who did not hear about him. No one can say he is not superb player too. But guess what there is Columbian guy played for Tottenham Hotspur who will face him in next game. He is Davidson Sanchez! He is going to put him in his pocket! End of joke. You might hear about him if you read my blogs often moaning about him. Well that lad is playing in first squad of Columbia! We need not to be much smart to come to conclusion that he is going to have some duels with Messi. I plan to stay awaken until midnight to watch that dark performance. Columbian is 1.87 high according to transfer markt worth 55,000,000. I wonder do they make mistakes for 1 zero from time to time ? :) On web site whoscored they claim he is strong in passing and concentration ?! LoL! Are they joking with me ? That mockery of player had great problems in both in passing and in concentration during last season. He made 3-4 crucial mistakes per game where he was involved. When I see his name in Spurs squad I must do something like get drunk or take serious calming down pills. LOL. To recapitulate my opinion lad is very insecure in passing and concentration, very easy get out of his position and despite his 1.87 cm height he is far away from being "King of the box". Spurs conceded dozens of goals by head last season. This is kind of player who will play solid game, but can't make less than 3-4 crucial mistakes per game leading to at least 2 100% chances for other side. And that bellow average player is going to face no less than Lionel Messi tonight! Last time when he faced Messi for Spurs game ended 2:4 for Barcelona. He fortunately missed match in Barcelona when Spurs played 1:1. I expect no less than 3 balls in Columbian net. Oh what a feeling what a night! :)