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Italian football player escaped from Belarus and other news before the playoffs
Today starts May Insanity. So called playoff championship of Belarus on mini-football. “Madness” - and for the reason that the density of games and the uncompromising struggle in them just rolls over, and also because in the playoffs everything often turns upside down: the team that surely won the “flat” part of the championship loses both the semi-final and the match for the third place is left without medals at all, or the team that took the sixth place in the standings suddenly becomes the champion. This is the most spectacular part of the season, and therefore it has been shown by television with pleasure in recent seasons, new sponsors and partners have been catching up. This year, the television did not work out: the big arena “Uruchye” in Minsk was very convenient for filming closed to the so-called “quarantine” before the European Games, which will be held from 21 to 30 June 2019, but from small TV picture is not the same. Well, nothing - all the matches can be viewed live on the Internet. But the sponsors and partners did not disappoint: right before the playoffs, one of the bookmaker's offices became the general partner of the Belarusian Futsal Association (Futsal), and the new partner with the new partner will surprise today: - photozone; - Belarusians souvenirs; - live music; - face painting with belarussian ornament; - games and sweepstakes; - and numerous other activit Let's start with this match. So: STALІTSA (Minsk) - DOROZHNIK (Minsk) Minsk. May 15. Sport Complex MAPID (ul. Sharangovicha, 20). Beginning at 19.00. It is worth noting that, right before this match, quite unexpected news came from the MFC “Stalitsa”: Brazilian with an Italian passport Marco Boaventura celebrated his birthday with teammates and coaches on Friday, and on Sunday wrote through the messenger that he no longer considers himself a player Team "Stalitsa" and left the city of Minsk (apparently Belarus as well). The club made a statement that nothing such a development of events foretold that all obligations to the player were fulfilled and even a little more was done for him. The club is already consulting with lawyers, but the legionnaire in the playoff team will not help. Other legionnaires in the ranks and in the last match of the regular championship not only scored, but also beautifully gave away heel assists: Announcement of the remaining matches: BC (Gomel) - LIDSELMASH (Lida) Gomel. May 15. Universal hall of game kinds of sports "Lokomotiv" (B. Khmelnitsky St., 29 "A"). Beginning at 18.00. VRZ (Gomel) - OHRANA-DYNAMO (Minsk) Gomel. May 15. Universal hall of game kinds of sports "Lokomotiv" (B. Khmelnitsky St., 29 "A"). Beginning at 15.00. VITEN (Orsha) - BORISOV-900 (Borisov) Orsha. May 15. Sports complex "Olympian" (Ice Arena branch) (Lenin street, 79 "A"). Beginning at 18.00. Regulations of the quarter-finals: further goes the team, which won two victories over the opponent. In each of the three possible matches between rivals, a draw is unacceptable: in her case, two additional halves of 3 minutes each are assigned. If a draw remains on the scoreboard after them, the audience will watch a penalty shootout. All matches of the quarter finals will be shown on the Internet live on club YouTube-channels: “Viten” - “Stalitsa” - Home games of both Gomel teams can be viewed at

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