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7 Star Players are at the End of the Contract
A number of European teams were frantic. Because some of the star players they have have not extended their contracts to date. Contracts of these players will usually run out at the end of the competition. That means, all decisions can occur in the next six months. Do survive, leave for free, or move clubs in the January 2019 transfer market. Here are seven world star players at the end of the contract; 1. David The future of David De Gea continues to be a public concern. So far the Spanish national goalkeeper has not yet determined his future, whether he stays at Manchester United or moves to the lap of another club. Reportedly there are already two teams ready to accommodate De Gea. The first team is Real Madrid, which has been craving for it for the past few years. The second team is Juventus, who want to make De Gea a successor to Gianluigi Buffon. 2. Anthony Martial Besides De Gea, Manchester United is also threatened by Anthony Martial's departure. Reportedly the French nationality stickers are being targeted by Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Martial is said to not feel at home because he often becomes MU's reserve player. But now he is looking for a definite answer to his fate. Because MU has changed coaching, from Jose Mourinho to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 3. David Luiz The Brazilian national defender is still waiting for an offer from Chelsea. Because David Luiz's contract will expire on June 30, 2019. So far no club has reportedly been interested in him. But if you look at his role in Maurizio Sarri's Chelsea squad, it is likely David Luiz will continue to be maintained. 4. Toby Alderweireld The desire of Tottenham Hotspur to extend Toby Alderweireld's contract continues to be delayed. Because the Belgian national defender still disagrees with the salary details offered by club management. Tottenham seemed worried about this situation. Because Alderweireld is in the shooting of Manchester United. 5. Aaron Ramsey This season could be the end of Aaron Ramsey's togetherness with Arsenal. Because the Wales national midfielder has not yet signed a new contract. Ramsey reportedly wants to move for a new experience. Real Madrid, Juventus and AC Milan are said to be interested in 28 players this year. 6. Adrien Rabiot Barcelona opened the door for Adrien Rabiot. They need their services because the style of playing Rabiot is considered suitable to replace the role of Andres Iniesta. But the player's future is difficult to predict. Because Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is still trying hard to defend this flagship midfielder. 7. Mario Balotelli Mario Balotelli's future is increasingly uncertain. After being wasted from Liverpool, Balotelli is still improving his career with OGC Nice. But the 2018-2019 season seems to be the last chance for the Italian national player. Nice reportedly did not want to extend the Super Mario contract.