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Messi has the opportunity to embrace all supremacy this season
Lionel Messi Lionel Messi has the opportunity to get all the highest supremacy this season. Besides having the potential to win a treble winner with the Spanish giant, Barcelona. In addition, Messi was favored as the winner of Spanish and European gold shoes. That scenario happened after Messi scored a hat trick while competing with Real Betis yesterday. Barcelona expanded their sharpness at that time compared to real calves. Goals were created respectively in the 18th, 47th and 85th minutes. Three goals were scored by Lionel Messi, while one goal was scored by Suarez. While Real Betis could only minimize the lag with one goal Loren Maron. Barcelona are now officially recording a winning streak in all official competitions. What the Barcelona kids did in the match amazed everyone. Even the home fans have given praise to the 31-year-old player. All that is reasonable because Lionel Messi has given a beautiful goal in his appearance. One of them through his game with Ivan Rakitic which locked Barcelona's victory. The second goal is also the result of collaboration between Messi and Suarez. In that match, the Argentine star was recorded to touch the ball 76 times, perfect 51 passes. He also created four chances and five shots on goal. Four shots aim at the perfect target. Throughout this season, Lionel Messi has recorded four hat tricks. Hattrick had done it before when Barcelona beat PSV in the Champions League. Then when meeting Levante, and during the match Sevilla, at the La Liga event. Throughout his career, Messi has recorded 34 total hat-tricks in domestic competition. That is the same as the record owned by Ronaldo, a former Real Madrid player who is currently defending Juventus. Only Ronaldo set a record in 242 matches. While Lionel Messi recorded 34 hat-tricks in 444 matches on the domestic scene.