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Belgian Jupiler League 2018-2019 Corner Statistics
( Free image Source ) Something that is fairly easy to beat on the Asian Betting markets are the Corners. The limits tend to be quite small, yet enough to make it worth it (between 200€-1000€ for each bet in Belgium). Because these lower limits and the odds margins that are being set quite a bit higher compared to the standard 1.96-1.96 lines, the bookies need to be less afraid of heavy losses. This often brings about less sharp lines that are being set in a very standardized way. Just keeping your own statistics and understanding some of the basic dynamics and team tendencies when it comes down to this market should be enough to make a profit out of them. Corners have been one of my most profitable bets over the years to the extent where I'm thinking to add more leagues. Right now a limited amount of time keeps me from just sticking to the Belgian League since I'm able to pretty much watch all matches. I just finished updating my personal excel sheet which is my least favorite thing to do when it comes down to my betting activity, but it really makes a difference. I always keep separate track of the corners in a way where it is easy to see home / away results of a specific team and also the difference between matches that involve the Top teams (G5 Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Standard, Genk, AA Gent) Jupiler League Corners Stats 2018-2019 There are also websites that show Corner stats, but I always prefer to keep my own since the process of stats keeping itself can give quite some extra awareness. More stats can be found on and individual match corner statistics can be found on for those who want to get into this market themselves. Finding Corner Betting Edges Most lines are being set in a very standardized way with the base number at Over/Under 9.5 Corners in Belgium. The average amount of corners after 21 weeks is around 9.875 with 83 going over 9.5 and 85 going Under 9.5 corners. Edges can be found in some teams having naturally more corners (line often does not get adjusted enough on Over or Under teams). Live dynamics also can produce some solid angles if a team that has to come from behind starts pressing late in the game. A favorite being ahead early in the match often decreases the number of corners. Some teams also are simply bad in creating corners when they need to go forward and score. Differences in play styles home and away also can be a huge factor that is not being taken up into the lines. Both Racing Genk and Charleroi are the most consistent teams when it comes down to high and low expected corners and this trend is certainly worth considering in the 2nd part of the season. I will go over some more stats to prepare for the 2nd half of the season and might make a couple more of these overview posts the coming weeks.