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Setting the odds for the Jupiler Pro League & promoting Betscorum!
Well Scorum and Betscorum lovers, we all do have a responsibility to make both Scorum and Betscorum a success. We as SBC community do try our best to make the best of BetScorum. Betscorum can only become a success when as many as possible people do hear about it! And not only hear about it, but also to see that the odds offered on Betscorum are better than their day in day out bookmaker! If we do spread the news and they do come have a look and only see odds lower than the regular bookmaker, there is no incentive for them to create an account and try it out! That's why we, as SBC community, are trying to set our odds as good as possible, costing us some daily SCR, yes we are operating at a loss at the moment! But we are here for the long term and we consider this worth the investment!Jupiler Pro League! My main playgrouns are the Premier League and the Jupiler Pro League and I did set some great odds for the Jupiler Pro League games of today! Here they are!Club Bugge vs Antwerp Eupen vs Genk Waregem vs Charleroi You can consider these odds a gift to the scorum community. It will be hard to find better odds at renowned bookmakers!Twitter But this is not were we do stop! Setting the odds is one part, promoting them to the outside world is even important. That's why I do promote Betscorum and the odds from time to time on Twitter and Steem! You can find the tweet about today's odds here! But you can also tweet the last post you wrote easily via Scorum! Please all use these possibilities to make a success of Scorum and Betscorum! Having great odds is one thing, spreading the news about these great odds is another thing! Cheers, Peter