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10 things you did not know about Steven Gerrard
Fuente We know all about our favorite footballers ... or not? In this section of my blog we explored 10 curiosities that we probably did not know about our favorite sports stars. In this edition we will know more about the most important player in the history of Liverpool, a true commander in the midfield, the great Steven Gerrard. A career that almost ends before starting. Source When Steven Gerrard was only a child, he used to play with his friends on a makeshift soccer field. In one of those games the ball went out of the bounds of the court and lost in the brush. Gerrard quickly ran for the ball and that was when the tip of a rake stuck in the big toe of his foot. The doctors considered to amputate the finger to him, nevertheless Liverpool did not think advisable to arrive at such end. Gerrard recovered completely and became a legend. 2) The eternal desire of Mourinho. Source Thanks to his talent, Gerrard was always a highly valued football player. However, there was a coach for whom having Gerrard on his team became an obsession. It was José Mourinho, who tried to sign him when he led Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid. But Steven always refused to leave Liverpool, the club of his loves. 3) Gerrard and Hillsborough. Fuente There is no doubt that the Hillsborough tragedy marked forever all English football, but especially a young Steven Gerrard who had to face the death of his cousin Jon-Paul, the youngest of the victims of that tragedy. Gerrard never forgot his cousin and swore to become a legend of Liverpool in honor of him. 4) A player made for the finals. Source Gerrard has the record of being the only player to have the honor to score in at least one final of the FA Cup, English League Cup, UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League; in which he has been a figure and a reference. 5) He was wrong and redeemed. Source On one occasion I run over a child who was leaving school. Far from escaping so as not to be engulfed in a scandal, Gerrard got out and waited for the ambulance next to the boy. To make matters worse, the boy was a fan of Machester United; logically he was not very happy because the captain of his eternal rival would run over him. So Gerrard wanted to make up for this fact and asked Wayne Rooney to send him autographed boots to the boy. 6) Almost a fan of Everton. Source From very small, much of his family tried to convince him that he was a fan of Everton, eternal rival of Liverpool. In fact, little Steven admired a lot of English and international clubs. However, it was his dad and his brother who instilled love for Liverpool in him. 7) Almost goes to Manchester United. Source Not everything was easy for Gerrard at Liverpool. During his first years in the lower categories of the club 'network', he did not have many opportunities and the club made it clear. This forced a teenager and desperate Steven Gerrard to test at Manchester United. This made Liverpool open their eyes, they gave him the opportunity and the rest is history. 8) The mistakes that marked his career. Source No one doubts Steven Gerrard's prolific and successful career as a footballer. But just as he had very high peaks, he also experienced very low points with his mistakes that cost his teams titles. For example, in the EURO 2004 gave a wrong pass back that caused a play that ended with a penalty in favor of France that resulted in the elimination of England. In 2006 he failed his penalty in the shoot-out against Portugal in the 4th of Final. In the World Cup in Brazil he combed a ball that fell to Luis Suárez and that meant the defeat and elimination of England. And the most painful and remembered of his mistakes was his slip in 2014 vs Chelsea that cost him to lose to Liverpool that long-awaited Premier League title that has been so elusive to them. 9) Loyal to Liverpool until the end. Source Gerrard played his last game with Liverpool to head to MLS and all Anfield Road paid him honors. But when the captain approached to sign autographs, one of the fans gave him a Galaxy jersey to sign, which Gerrard flatly refused, as he considered it a disrespect to Liverpool and its fans. 10) From the field to the benches. Source Like other great players of the Premier of his generation, like Lampard and Henry, Gerrard has decided to look for new horizons as a coach. At the moment Gerrard directs to the Glasglow Rangers of Scotland, equipment to which it has taken to the first positions of the Scotish Premier League.