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Solskjær's probable line-up vs Leicester City
After a disappointing draw against Burnley which has halted the chance of Manchester United getting into the top 4, fans were confused at the starting lineup Solskjær decided for the match. Rashford playing on the the left when he was in superb form playing as the No.9, absence of Herrera put a lot of defensive pressure on Pogba and Phil Jones starting ahead of Eric Baily when Baily and Lindelöf formed a great defensive pair were some of the bizarre decisions made by the coaching staffs. With some fans saying Ole Gunnar Solskjær was experimenting who he could trust and he definitely would not repeat the mistake vs Leicester, below are the probable lineups that Solskjær may use against Leicester.Primary Lineup : This is probably the line-up Solskjær will use against Leicester. The line-up that sees Rashford starting along with Martial and Lingard as the front three with Pogba moving toward the left side of the field and working with Martial who then hugs the sideline to bring Pogba to the play is a devastating attacking play. Ander Herrera is crucial to this play as Leicester's midfield must be kept in check. Manchester United should be dominant in midfield if they want to win this game as the likes of Ndidi and Mendy can be very threatening defensively. Defensively, Baily and Lindelof can form a great pair especially when Luke Shaw and Young push forward. Matic stays back to support Baily and Lindelof. Alternatively with the same exact formation, Phil Jones can start ahead of Baily or Dalot can start ahead of Young.Secondary Line-up : It is highly unlikely that Solskjær may use this line-up against Leicester but he may use this as a secondary line-up during the game if Leicester start pushing forward. This line-up may seen bizarre as Lukaku is not a winger and Lingard is definitely not a No.9 but this is the exact same lineup Manchester United used against Arsenal. Lingard plays at the False No.9 position, bringing the defender along with him then Lukaku and Sanchez stay wide upfront waiting for the perfect time to couter. Lukaku will try to make runs at the space left vacant by the full backs if indeed the Leicester fullbacks starting pushing forward. This formation is ideal for counter attack but not so ideal for dominant possession based game as Lukaku can not play the ball quite well. If Manchester United indeed have the early lead and Leicester start attacking to equalize then this is the ideal tactic to be used in the late 2nd half of the game by substituting Rashford for Lukaku and Martial for Sanchez. Alternatively, Martial may not be subbed for Sanchez as this formation can be implemented without Sanchez in play but Lukaku on the right side and Lingard as the False No.9 is crucial. If Martial does not start due to his injury then Sanchez will play down the left hand side. Other Line-up : If Manchester United do get in a lot of crosses on Sunday then we might see Big Rom playing down the middle looking to capitalize on the crosses using his physicality and great heading abilities.Injuries : Pogba is expected to start in the game after completing his rehab following his knock against Burnley while Martial might not start due to his injury.