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Marcelo Pleads Guilty In Tax Fraud Case, Gets Four Months Jail Term
Real Madrid defender, Marcelo has accepted a suspended four- month prison service for his tax fraud case. The Brazilian will not be spending time behind bars due to Spanish law that allows sentences of less than two years to be served on probation. Marcelo was set to appear in court on Tuesday in order to plead guilty of the charges so as to void jail sentence and get reduced fine. The former Fluminese star was accused of evading the payment of €1m after he transferred his image rights to an Uruguayan company, Birsen Trade SA which he used to evade the tax payment. The Brazilian who has won four Champions league titles with Real Madrid since joining in 2007 and has made over 450 appearances, admitted to handing his affairs to a company that "lacks the human and material resources to carry out its functions" to which the authorities ruled that he had evaded taxes worth approximately €500,000. Marcelo is also accused of evading the payment of €100,476 and €101,615 in the years of 2011 and 2012 but this will only entail a sanction by administrative way of about €150,000. Considering the full fines and interest, Marcelo will have to pay almost €1m to free himself from legal trouble. The 30-year old becomes the latest to be involved in tax evasion case, following Lionel Messi who paid €250,000 for a suspended 21-month jail term and Cristiano Ronaldo who was fine around €21 million for two years tax evasion. Jose Mourinho, Luka Modric, Javier Mascherano and Angel Di Maria have all at one time cut a deal with prosecutors for the same offence.

Post Cristiano Ronaldo's fraudery comes Neymar's awaited verdict on tax evasion. Neymar had been accused by the Brazil's federal tax office for tax evasion of 19.94 million dollars i.e 63 million reais in 2015. The fraudery was supposedly done on taxes which we to be paid on money earned from sponsors from the year 2011 to the year 2014 and soccer clubs(Santos and Barcelona). However Barcelona striker's father stated that the Neymar had been cleared of the long on going criminal charges of tax evasion. Neymar's father in his statement said that, "The news closing of the tax evasion case by the Public Ministry against our son has brought us utmost happiness . The case is closed now officially and is a proof of the legality of our acts. " He also said, " Hopefully we will concentrate on our work now that my family has the and harmony that they deserve " Neymar's penalty of 200 million reais which included fines, back-taxes and interests was halved in March after he appealed in court and the court ruling came out in his favour . Well this was the verdict of the charges made by Brazilian tax officers. In the recent statement by his father, he is referring to the separate charges slapped on him by the federal prosecutors. The closing of this criminal case is what his father was referring to. His father also stated that," me, my family and employees of my company had to go through four years of baseless charges and that there was a lot we had to go through." "Even though a large chunk of people doubted our integrity but the justice system in our country is fair and gave us justice. Step by step we thrashed all the accusation on legal accounts making it immensely clear that we didnt dodge paying any of our taxes."