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Belgian Football Off-Season News
(Image Source ) The Belgian Soccer Season 2018-2019 is now officially over leaving a period of about 2 months without a single match to analyze and bet on. I would like to continue my consistent daily blogging routine in a way the posts have an actual function for myself not having it be just an aimless post2mine function. Other seasons I tend to completely neglect the off-season news and all of the friendly games but I noticed while making the article about the Vincent Kompany transfer to Anderlecht as player/coach actually added some insights I would otherwise not have had. So I will be following the news about what's happening around all the Belgian teams closely from now on and bundle it all in regular posts. I still have to figure out a proper format and styling of the posts and it will take shape as I'm making more of them over time. Some of the biggest News Items the last week... Clement New Club Brugge Coach Success coach Clement has left Racing Genk and will replace Ivan Leko at Club Brugge. This was not really a surprise and many Racing Genk fans are upset because it seems to be one big stage play where everything was arranged a while ago already. He has shown his qualities the last 2 seasons in Waasland-Beveren and Racing Genk but also had the quality player group in both those teams. He now really made a name for himself not to be the most loyal person and taking the opportunity when the iron is hot. The reason he chose for Club Brugge is because it's the safest option, Genk will likely see many of their key players that stood out this season leave and will have a difficult Champions League. Clement has high goals and will want to force a transfer to a team in a bigger league. Club Brugge will have a team that gives more guarantees to play for the championship. It should be a good thing for them and I'm already looking forward to the attractive offensive game style they will most likely play next season. Angbo Leaves Standard Plenty of key players will be leaving Standard before the start of next season. Marin will go to Ajax, Ochoa, Vanheusden, Carcela and Mpoku are also likely to leave and Angbo who was hired to Ray Vallecano is not planning to return and wants to stay in the Primera Divison. Standard is trying to sign young Belgian Goalkeeper Mile Svilar from Benfica which would be a great replacement for Ochoa. Big News Monday around Match-Fixing Scandal There is an entire soap going on between the league and different teams around match-fixing last season. Both kv Mechelen and Waasland can still relegate but put a lot of lawyer onto it to delay the trial because they had not enough time to build a solid defense. Some inside Intel said a bomb will be dropped on Monday. We are not sure what it is yet but the soap continues and we still don't know who the teams are that will compete in the 1st division next season. Simon Davies T1 Anderlecht Simon Davies will come along with Vincent Kompany from Manchester City and become the 'official' Head coach of Anderlecht. Karim Belhocine and Jonas De Roeck and Pär Zetterberg will also stay on board while Floribert Ngalula will be also new to the coaching staff and Max de Jong will be a goalkeeper trainer. Thomas Buffel Ends His Player Career Aside from Leye and Mattys, Thomas Buffel will also end his player career. He is 38 and did not play all that much in Zulte-Waregem the 2nd part of the season. The travel from where he lives and the Club along with some injury problems made him take the decision to stop as a professional player. Bernd Hollerbach New Coach Moeskroen Success coach Bernd Storck has a lot of teams wanting him as head coach after being very successful with Moeskroen. The person replacing him will be Bernd Hollerbach. Along with coach Storck, a lot of key players will be leaving Moeskroen Taiwo Awoniyi, Emmanuel Benson and Selim Amallah so a though start of the 2018-2019 Season can Be expected. Another news roundup from the Belgian Jupiler League Teams will be made soon...