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After the signing of Courtois and the departure of Kovacic loaned to Chelsea, it seems that Madrid won't be making any significant changes to their current squad. Unless, the Modric drama continues, to which I believe he will end up staying at the club. Also I wish they signed a striker but it looks improbable. So I decided to do the best Real Madrid XI for the upcoming season. Here it is: Asensio: As I mentioned in my previous post, this is the time for Asensio to take a step up on his career now that Ronaldo is gone. His last season wasn't as good as he thought and he also didn't get much playtime to the extent that it was rumoured that he will be Real Madrid. However, now is a chance to show why he was being compared to Kylian Mbappe earlier this year and show his inner potential. Modric: As you have noticed, I have put Isco instead of him because Modric's future is still in the air. However, if he stays he can easily share this place with Isco as he played the whole World Cup and has an age of 32 years. He played over 3000 minutes in all competitions with Real Madrid last seasons plus the whole of the World Cup so he really needs some rest and his replacement couldn't really be a better one. Carvajal: Carvajal and Odriozola have a fierce competition for the place. Initially, Carvajal has the advantage as he is more experienced and has a better overall quality. As for Odriozola, he is younger with lots of potential and needs to improve his defensive part but he could surpass Carvajal anytime so Carvajal can't be resting on his laurels. Navas: This is the most fierce competition for a place, so fierce that it may end up being a problem. Both of Navas and Courtois are arguably the best top 5 GK, there is no doubt. Courtois is probably a bit better than Navas in terms of quality, however, Navas is an emblem and icon of Real Madrid, he is the GK that defended the team to win three consecutive UCL, on the other hand Courtois has recently won the Golden Glove of the World Cup. What I think will happen is that Courtois will get league matches and Navas the rest of the competitions, both will end up playing the same amount of games, more or less. Itis up to Lopetegui and I hope he does the best. What changes would you make to the starting line-up above? Let me know in the comments! Please consider following me or upvoting if you appreciated this post.