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Can Arab Money win the European Champion Title this Year?
Football season has officially started with the Champions League, and it brings us a lot of questions. One of the big questions is, can Real Madrid defend UCL title this year without Ronaldo? Is the Portugal player missing link, that needed Juventus to become again best European club? Number of team who can win this competition is bigger and bigger with the time. We have Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and from the second plan Manchester United, Napoli, Roma and few more. But the main question is, can PSG and Manchester City to win their first UCL title? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSG Since the arrival of the arab owners, PSG have become one of the strongest teams in europe. They have some bright moments in near past, some big players, but it never was among favorites to win UCL, unlike this year. And that is all, thanks to amazing performance of Mbappe. In PSG, there are two players who can after Messi and Ronaldo era, to become kings of world football. And than, winning the title will be very legimite goal. When the sick rich royal family from Qatar on 2011 decided to light up the city of light, it was clear that, there will be only one goal. Dominance at all levels! The family, for that task, have authorize their man of trust, Nasser Al-Khelaifi. He got free hand to do whatever he wanted. He could pump the money into club and establish PSG as best club in France and latter in Europe. Paris is city which have all in the world, except UCL title. Al-Khelaifi have, with pumping of gas money, made a strongest club in France, but the outside of borders, he found solid resistance. Plan to bring PSG on the top of europe isn’t working well so far, and the obsession of that success, bring tremendous pressure on the team. Arabs have invested over billions dollars in PSG only on transfers. About filthy high contracts and bonuses, and money under the table, is better not to talk about. And again PSG didn’t manage to get even to semi finals. They also failed to sign Ronaldo or Messi. They had in the team some of today superstars, Cavanni, Thiago Silva, Neymar, Mbappe and still nothing… Quality of the team is frightening, and it is not easy to control it. Blanc and Emery know the best, as they didn’t manage to do that. They had to battle all the time with locker room full of overpaid superstars who didn’t was there because they love the club or Paris. Tuchel already announced some important changes. He didn’t signed some superstars like his antecedents. German will change tactical identity which had on midfield big gap between, great defense line and super strong attacking line. Tuchel’s PSG will play with 3 or 4 in the back, and with 2 or 3 attackers. German is not afraid to put in fire some young player unlike managers before him. That’s just peace of new things in PSG. We will see how much trust and credits he will have, and results is the best measurement. In their heads is only one obsession. Filthy rich obsession. The trophy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manchester City This month will be a 10 year anniversary, since sheikh Mansur came to Manchester City with his servants dragging a bags of money. Two years later, the first trophy arrived in the City. It was the FA cup. After that, the first and then the second title of EPL. But only after arrival of Guardiola, the blues from Manchester seemed capable to conquer the world. Guardiola isn’t there because of Premier League, right? Only the title of the European champion can satisfy the hunger of the rich owners from the middle east. In this 10 years they invested somewhere about 1.5 billion euros. 1.500.000.000 euros!!! Last season, the citizens have walked to the EPL title but to be honest they spend over 600 million euros since arrival of Guardiola. Manchester United as second on the table, couldn’t even catch Man City dust. City have set some new records like, most wins, most awarded points, most goals scored…. And what you do when you have such a powerful team? You make it even better. For near 70 million euros they signed only Mahrez. With him, Guardiola gets diverseness to be able to stay on top. The bookies give Man City biggest chances to win UCL this year, in front of Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid and so on… The biggest problem for Guardiola can be little paradox and that is, that he have on every position two players and more. It is not easy to keep that high ego of players under control. Some of them can’t play. If he manage to keep everybody satisfied, City would become the team hard to beat. Only, we all know that UCL is rough competition, and we witnessed in last seasons, that some of the team which looks untouchable on the paper, to lose and get kicked off in early stages. By the way, Guardiola’s dream about winning the UCL title with City, didn’t come alive after Liverpool smashed them in the quarterfinals last year. We will see how they will perform this year in group with , Lyon, Hoffenheim and Shakhtar. First six games will be just warm up. Real challenge for the is after group stage. Will all that money pay off? Is that really the cost of winning the UCL title? To answer this questions, we must wait for next year. But until then, they will continue to smash every team in EPL. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading and supporting my friends and as far as I'm concerned, I would like that no team like these ever win the title of European champion.

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