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Harry not Kane Scored the winning goal for Spurs - Review and Betting results
Football pundits spent hours and hours on predicting how the Almighty Harry's injury may dampen Spurs' spirit. Spurs fans (our very own @talesfrmthecrypt :) glued on the screen counting ways and plotting options how the team can still strike gold on season finale. Fernando Llorente dared to replace the almighty. Dizzied by the enormity of the game and the chance give to him, he was unable to judge the right goal post to score. He fired one past the goalie, but alas, it was his own post. Pochettino is thinking why he did not sign 11 Harry Ramieri fumed in anger. How can any other team-coach snatch his "own-goal" strategy? Fulham was perplexed. Spurs took away the one thing they were good at, scoring past own goalkeeper. Earth shattered, Spurs beat Fulham even in scoring own goals. Fulham tried for entire half to score a goal on their own. They came close many times. Mitrovic scored one. But, the referee did not think so. He was adjudged offside. Spurs wanted to score a goal as well. They were denied the goal they yearn for without their "god-send" Son and "almighty" Kane. Without Kane-Son, Alli-Ksen were unable to produce a magical ball. Into the second half, and there came the moment Spurs were dying to witness. Alli-Ksen spelled a magic. Eriksen crossed the ball, Alli headed it home. The score was level at 1-1 six minutes into the second half. Mitrovic and co. tried hard to go upfront, but could not. Spurs tried and got tired. Pochettino looked clueless. Ramierri was thinking hard, how not to get a point. Ended the regular time and three extra minutes added. Game was almost ended in a stalemate. I was scratching my head as my first betting without the safety cushion of a risk free betting campaign on was at stake. I blamed myself on not contacting @Hassan to get a risk-free betting of 10SCR. But, it was already done, and I had to accept the outcome. Then, the unthinkable happened. The Almighty Harry made his namesake come to the rescue. The nothing cross on the last minute of the game was headed by Harry, but not Kane, crashed into the net. It was 2-1 on the 93rd minute. Harry winks his way to goal Ramieri took a sigh of relief. He managed to not win a game. Otherwise, they would have to go back and carry the burden of that one point. Ufff. Harry Winks was gathered in arms by the team-mates. He could not believe how that happened. Pochettino was thinking hard, why he did not field 11 Harry in the game against Manchester United. The game was won and Spurs managed to bag three points. Fulham are battling relegation. My Betting After all those risk free bettings, I mustered some courage to bet 2 SCR on Spurs win with the odds of 1.73. I was almost strangled when Fulham scored Spurs scored on their own post. But then, Spurs managed to score two more on the opponent's goal post. I got my first win, 1.46 SCR. I treasure that. Many more wins to come. Bet on If you managed to come so deep into this story, why not celebrate by upvoting and commenting :)