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CHELSEA ON THE STRUGGLE FOR TOP FOUR. Eight games to the end of the season and the battle for top four is even hotter than the battle for survival but I am watching closely to see Chelsea do not forget the have a game at hand and the had 57 point perhaps the hudo of Eligon Asochi is just done. ARSENAL VS MANCHESTER UNITED A two/ nil thumping, am sure many Man United fan heart will be broking on this one as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer got his first loss in the league since taken over and his second loss overall but then he will have to compare the team that played against PSG and against the team that played Arsenal yesterday but take it not away from Arsenal, Granit Xhaka first goal, he really show that he can beat any goal keeper in the world with his snake shot and also the clear good penalty by Pierre Emerick Aubameyang who made it two goals to nill. Unai Emery came out with a strategy, three (3) attacking players in the startup who keep Manchester United at home all the time and the best team won the game. The both when to France and got difference result but Arsenal got it better on the day by going what the needed to do and the got the result. Nice result I must comment for Arsenal, they have gotten two (2) points away from Manchester United, I think it worth celebrating at the Arsenal perspective but for Manchester United, very disappointing and their first lost under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the domestic level so for me it means that they have to put in a lot because I strongly believe that other games coming will be very deceives. SOUTHAMPTOM BEAT TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR For Tottenham hot spur, it looks like the worst keep mounting up for them, another lost to another not so strong contender, I think that they have test straight lost now in the EPL and the most look at the top four as something that has just pass them by now, losing to burnley FC but there still at 61 point which make it tougher for them but there still occupying the third position on the log. THANKS FOR FINDING THIS POST INTERESTING.