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Yesterday was the valentine's day, a day kept for lovers, many of us actually celebrated it with our loved ones, we went out, had fun, do all sort of Lovely things actually but can you guess how your clubs celebrated there's? If i am to guess on that, i probably think they took a day off, fly down to their family and loved ones to celebrate that day with them, or maybe gather up as a team and picnic on the field lol. Yeah i am right, they might had picnic on the field but this time no food or drinks involved, just with the ball. This is a quick peek of how Manchester city celebrated their valentine ♥ While the rest of the world were busy celebrating their loved ones on Valentine's Day, the cities showed to us what champions are made of and what it is all about, with more hard works on training ground than just celebrating flawless victories and their future wins. they loved their fans, and winning other opponents flawless is the only way to actually show their true love for this game of football. Manchester City players marked Valentine's Day on the training ground as they continued their preparation for Saturday's FA Cup fifth round fixture against Newport County. This match is a game they are determining on winning,after their previous Two days off, now it's back to the hard work, and the Manchester city stars ain't cooling off that easy. Pep Gladiola put his stars through their pace on a sunny Thursday celebrating the love of the game rather as they prepare to overcome their League Two opponent for a place in the quarter-final of the cup competition. "Roses are red, Manchester is blue". Go Go Go stars ✨ Now the big question is, how did you celebrate your valentine, yesterday?