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A Visit to Ikot Ekpene Mini Stadium And Akwa Starlet Academy.
Hi everyone I'm here to give you a report on local sport and today I will bring you a report on Akwa starlet academy and a review of Ikot Ekpene mini Stadium. It was nice to be back home and to my region at large, stepping down from 38°C to 25°C is just fun. That's the beauty of the South-South region of the country. The last time the Super Eagles hosted Libya I shared pictures of the stadium facilities in the Nest of Champions which was really appreciated. About 4:00 PM (Local Time) yesterday I stepped out to the Ikot Ekpene mini Stadium the home to Akwa starlets football club of the Nigerian national league. The stadium has seating capacity for about 7000 spectators with moderate comfort. It is fenced round with possible controlled entrance and to also check on match ticket. The stadium is great for sporting and recreational activities with a standard football field size. Photo Splash The dressing room for both the home and away teams and for the officials. Under the VIP stand. VIP Stands Popular Stand Akwa Starlet Academy I didn't just visit an empty structure but they were some active teenager displaying their skills. It was the Akwa starlet academy training there as they senior boys are on break. The team is made up of about 40 players but as at yesterday's training they had 34 players on record. The team also had 7 females (circled) trained with them yesterday which was a nice experience. For the training to go on appropriately the coach split the players into 3 set with 11 players each. Each set wore different bib colour. So any set that scored first stays to receive the next set but if the game remains goalless for 30 minutes one team will be eliminated through penalty shoot out. Here is the pictures of how yesterday penalty shoot out went down. The Boy Pogba I fell in love with this boy ball play. Apart from being a Manchester United fan he has a leading team spirit. Just pray that favour will find him. Outside The Stadium Outside the stadium we have a nice plaza with a giant screen for those that cannot get to the stadium. Beside the plaza is the four star hotel. Thanks for coming around Please don't forget to drop your comments. @akudozen